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Werner Thiele Wattens, Austria
© copyright by Shmulik Blum
Favorite Dive Sites: Manuelita & Roca Sucia! Absolutely 100%!!! The best operation we know - WORLDWIDE! This crew is simply OUTSTANDING!!!

Harald Hois Gramastetten, Austria
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
2500 dives, world wide, fresh & salt water. Favourite dives: Dirty Rock & Punta Maria (Cocos). Galapagos-, Hammerhead- & Tigersharks. Worldwide? Humpback (DomRep), - & Spermwhales (Azores). Very, very friendly, hepfull & experienced. Manuel: THE PERFECT DIVE GUIDE!

Daria and Norbert Mannl Munich, Germany
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
Please describe your underwater experiences for our guestbook! What were your favorite dives, and the most incredible marine life you saw? Wonderful experience!

Please tell us about your experience on the DeepSee and what you saw. Amazing! We saw a Moon Fish

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