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Sean Davis Nederland, Colorado USA
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My favorite dive site was Alcyone, which was consistently amazing with lots of hammerhead action. The Undersea Hunter Group has the finest staff and service anywhere in Costa Rica. The guys working on the Argo are naturally nice in a way that can't be trained. Everyone is willing to help with anything at any time. Amazing.

Caroline Stockholm, Sweden
Ship was beautiful; staff always smiling and genuinely helpful. All facilities on board was first class. The only thing I missed was fluid replacement as a drink choice.
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Nikolai Honolulu, Hawaii USA
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Please describe your underwater experiences for our guestbook! What were your favorite dives, and the most incredible marine life you saw? Giant schools of jacks at Alcyone was the highlight for me.

Tell us about your overall experience on the ship (staff, food, facilities etc). They could not be more friendly, polite and professional.

Paul Hudy Pittsboro, NC USA
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Dirty Rock, Manuelita, alcyone were the best sites for hammerheads and other sharks during the week, but all sites were beautiful and provided unique underwater experiences. The closeup hammerheads and the schools of hammerheads provided the most heartfelt experiences. After 7 trips to cocos, the crew on the Hunter boats are like family. They are so friendly, so welcoming, so helpful and so competent and customer service oriented. The ship is superb and the it is very obvious that all details are well thought out. The food is so delicious and plemtiful.

Dave Sommers Fairfax, VA USA
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Alcyone, Alcyone, what Cocos Magic do you have for divers today? Even when this site is "slow and quite" it can still produce those magic moments when you get surrounded by thousands of jacks, then a giant Tuna comes past almost close enough to touch and you know why you traveled so far. Five star hotels could learn from the staff of Argo. Polite and professional, they take very good care of you.

Ofer Ketter Playas del Coco, Costa Rica
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Mission accomplished...:-) 10 epic days at my favorite island in the world. Cocos Island never fails...! We had everything from schooling hammerheads to mating marbled rays , bait balls and dolphins, hunting white tips, mantas, tiger sharks, galapagos sharks, silkies and much much more...
If you are diver and have never visited this natural wonder, then put it on the top of your list. If you are not a diver - get certified tomorrow :-) Thank you to the Undersea Hunter Group, Pura Vida!

Genna Marie Robustelli Tamarindo, Costa Rica
© copyright by Sean Davis
This was my fourth trip to the island, and once again I am absolutely blown away by the unprecedented level of service provided by the Undersea Hunter crew. Their attention to detail and genuine sincerity toward every guest on board is stunning.

I’ve spent a decade as a travel writer in Costa Rica, staying in the most elite hotels in the country -- and I can say with confidence that the Undersea Hunter service is the absolute best. It's unparalleled. You really know how to find loyal, competent and hard-working employees.

This was my first time aboard the Argo, and I was staggered by the sheer beauty and efficacy of the ship. Everything is run with military precision! We had a couple of guys on board who own boats in North Carolina(David and Paul), and they kept commenting on how impressed they were with the tip top shape of every last detail.

The food was excellent and as fresh as if chef Chico had gone to the market each morning. My favorite meal was the roast pork for dinner on the very last day at the island. I definitely put on a few pounds this week. Just wow. Chaco and Eduardo quite literally jumped to attention anytime anyone came into the kitchen/living area to see how they could be of service. They couldn’t possibly be more friendly and nice, and their English is fantastic.

Captain Mosquera bent over backwards to show everyone the best of the island, taking advantage of the uber-calm conditions to take us to the south side of the island to drone the waterfalls there. Jaume and Brayan were amazing dive guides both above and below the water, and I love their upbeat attitudes. They were always eager to help fix guest equipment if anything broke, and prevented many problems before they could even arise. They were also super knowledgeable in placing the photographers in ideal places for pictures and taking us to the best action.

Roy was an attentive and skilled skiff driver, and his laughter is contagious. He has amazing dexterity in maneuvering the panga, and was constantly paying attention to where everyone was underwater.

I didn’t see Denis the mechanic did a fantastic job as everything ran so very smoothly!

Even Pipi was well-prepared as divemaster-in-training. On one dive someone forgot some equipment and he was right there with extras. There was no need for anyone to miss a dive or to mess up the dive schedule.

Once again, I’m absolutely blown away by the Undersea Hunter Group and I’m so proud to be a part of such a world-class company.

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