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Todd Steiner San Francisco CA, USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
The hammerheads are back! 21st expedition to Cocos and the action was incredible! Hammerhead cleaining stations were active every day and most silky sharks I've seen in years. Temperature and currents were moderate and visibility was good. As always, the UH staff is fantastic. It will agonizing to wait until our next expedition ( in December. As always, the staff and facilities were top notch.

Cassie Burdyshaw Sausalito, United States of America
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
My favorite dive was Alcyone because of the views of hundreds of hammerhead sharks above. Every dive we did was tremendous - in addition to hammerheads, I loved seeing rays, incredible numbers and varieties of fishes, as well as eels, sea stars, corals and more. Great crew - friendly, helpful, fun, funny, made trip easy for guests. Food was delicious - vegetarian options were really appreciated. The food was fresh and healthy, also appreciated. My first live aboard - nice set-up.

Mark San Diego, CA USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
This was my 10th trip in the past ten years, and i saw more sharks than ever before. Great time! Excellent. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

Mitch Bowling Chicago, IL USA
© copyright by Felpe Chacon Rodriguez
Incredible experience. Memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Staff couldnt be better. Nice, courteous and fun. Excellent. Once in a lifetime experience.

Ana Javier Valdes Mexico City, MX
© copyright by Felpe Chacon Rodriguez
Alcyone and Manuelita were my favorites, and were the best dives I've ever done in my entire life. Of course hamerheads were my favorite animal. EXCELLENT, one of the best experiences of my life. I made lots of new friends and the crew unforgetable, great team!

Cyril Chahouar France / Nice
© copyright by Felpe Chacon Rodriguezl
I wanted to have the hammerhead meeting experience. And coming in coco on argo boat gave me a total satisfaction!!!! Hundred hammerhead was there. The argo s team was incredible with us I just have compliments for the team. It was extrordinary. I will be back. All was great. The aperitif and barbecue was a great time. Food was just excellent with so much choice. DeepSee is just amazing. The darkness impress me so much. I was also amazed to see all the deep underater life.

Arrigunaga Family Mexico City, Mexico
© copyright by Felpe Chacon Rodriguezl
Fantastic experience! We had never seen so many hammerheads, and as close and clear. The whale shark was also incredible! Overall a fabulous trip both undererwater, trekking on the island or on the boat. Many thanks to the superb crew. Excellent.

Giuseppe Caridi Gallipoli, Italy
© copyright by Felpe Chacon Rodriguezl
It is difficult to say what has been better and most beautiful. The whole experience has been great. Staff are very professional, they care about safety and guests interests at their best. They are friendly and always ready to help in any case. Probably, the best is Juan Manuel and Federico playing the romantic song "Destruction"...

Jennifer Arnold NYC, USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Cocos is alive! Another amazing trip. Walls of hammerheads on every dive, a marlin, manta, whale shark, lots of silky sharks, dolphin & galapagos sharks. Some strong currents & bumpy seas but who cares when there are hammerheads everwhere: above, below & surrounding you. They just didn't care that we were there. This was my 11th trip & the action was better than ever. I can't wait to come back. Perfect in every way.

Davide e Claudia Bignardi Milan, Italy
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Cocos, hands down, most unbelievable diving place ever!!! WILD. Everything was really good, above expectantions! The staff made the real difference, evereybody in its own way they made along with the diving the experience unique and faboulus.

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