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Colin & Louise Kay Edinburgh, UK
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We booked the 300m dive on the basis that it would be a unique experience, and it didn’t disappoint. As a bonus we also got to see dolphins, hammerheads and a thresher shark during the dive. It is also worth noting that David (pilot) and the support team were very professional. The price may look expensive, but it is a special experience and well worth the money. It gets a five star rating from us.

Lia & Chris London, UK
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A once in a life time experience, an opportunity not to be missed! As we descended a couple of dolphins came to check us out, then a hammerhead shark. The light gradually faded to complete darkness at 300m where we looked for curious deep sea creatures: a rare goosefish, Jellonose fish, lizard fish and then more recognizable scorpion fish, king crabs and others. Amazing corals too. David, our pilot, added to our enjoinment with his enthusiasm, keen eye for spotting creatures and highly professional piloting. Thank you.

Luis Naaman
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This experience of the submarine was very beautiful. I saw things that I would never be able to see in normal dive. I suggest you (the world divers) to do a trip to Cocos island and dive in the submarine. You would be very satisfied.

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