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Adam Mokhtee Overland Park, KS, USA
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Experience of a lifetime for a non-marine scientist or military personnel to be able to go a 1000 feet deep in an underwater submersible craft.
Otherworldly, to see creatures of the depth first hand beyond video clips of books in indescribably. The staff was incredible – from the support diver, to the top side captain to the highly knowledgeable submersible pilot.
You never know what you might encounter on a dive but you will definitely feel like a genuine explorer.

Ryan & Melissa Thompson Florida, USA
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The DeepSee submersible was awesome. The sub itself was just fantastic, it is extremely comfortable, but when you actually submerge it like the dome completely disappear and it is a totally different experience than I’ve ever had in years of diving. Our pilot Federico was just amazing in explaining things and telling us where things were and finding things it is just hard to explain, it is like going back from a different planet. If you are coming to Cocos on the Argo and the sub is here, don’t pass it up!
Definitely do it.

It was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life going down to a 1000 feet and seeing all the amazing creatures that live down there. I really felt like we were going to explore a whole different world that very few people ever get to see or experience. It was absolutely incredible and I would do it again in a heartbeat

Rick Scaletty MO, USA
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What a great experience.
I am so glad I did this. Awesome.
The crew did a great job preparing, briefing, operating and later identifying marine life while at depth.
Thank you

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