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Holly & Darren Cook London, UK
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This was a definate highlight. I did wonder if i would be nervous during the dive, but the team is very professional, and very passionate about their job and the deep sea environment. The dive itself was incredibly serene as we dived slowly deeper into the blue with a mobular sailing over us and started to see a totally new world unfold. Highlights were the adult and baby jello nose fish, beautiful red scorpion fish, large groupers, deep sea morays, and a curious silky shark that swam back up with us from 150m to 20m. It was a beautiful experience, well worth doing, and the team (Arik, David and Federico) are great fun.

This was a fabulous experience. The team are a wonderful combination of consummate professionals, with immense passion for the deep sea, and a kooky sense of humour.
The trip was incredibly serene, dropping slowly deeper with a mobila overhead, the light dimming, until finally reaching 300 meters and meeting the amazing Jello nose. An experience we’ll never forget – big thanks to Arik, David & Federico – Pura Vida guys!

Uta Wiebe Wasaga Beach, Canada
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Very professional set-up! All crew very confidence-inspiring.
It was an other-wordly experience, like flying over the moon
Loved the enthusiasm and passion of crew, especially Federico

Symphorosa Williams San Diego, CA, USA
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I signed up for the Deep See submersible after a bit of waffling, but I am so glad that I did so and had this unique experience. After all, when would I ever have the opportunity to easily travel 300 meters deep into the Ocean. The extremely professional, organized and affable crew, David, our pilot for the day, Arik the Topsy skiff pilot for the day and Federico, the support diver for the day (They switch roles) was very confidence inspiring. They also provided a good dose of comic relief, especially Federico, while getting the job done.
It was very interesting and a little eerie descending beyond ambient light. While we did not see any alien forms of fish (which live much deeper), we did see several deep species of fish and coral similar to more shallow life. We also saw deeper rare species such as a recently discovered eel, a prickly shark etc. It was an otherworldly experience truly similar to exploring the moon. I had a wonderful time, and strongly recommend trying this experience if given the chance.

Sarah & Gareth Moore London, UK
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Privileged to have done such a trip, not many people get to travel 300m below the sea and the entire experience felt as out of this world as you would expect.
From the start of the adventure the whole staff were excited, professional and informative – even the safety briefing, slightly daunting, was very well done.
As for what you see… well who would expect to see so much so far below. I would strongly recommend that given the chance you get to try it for yourself.
Thoroughly enjoyable, interesting, exhilarating and well worth experiencing.

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