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Jeremy Cohen Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA
© copyright by Roy Kimhi - Undersea Hunter Group
Each DeepSee descent is unique.
Each generates a data set of time, depth, location, temperature, the presence of thermoclines and sighting of crabs, fishes, tunicates, the geology at the seamounts, the presence of corals, sponge, invertebrate and fish life beyond the sub’s reach made possible by nutrient rich upwelling.
The data is regularly shared with the University of Costa Rica. The contribution to the scientific understanding of the remote Cocos Island seas, like the immersion of self into a deep ocean environment, alters and enriches each individual’s fascination with the pelagic biomass that is ours to dive in the first thirty meters. It is not a cliché to report that like scuba on the reefs, coral gardens and higher elevations of the seamounts, the submersible spawns life affirming energy, excitement and new awareness among pilots and passengers alike. As complementary elements, these two explorations create an explosion of opportunity for deepened commitment to the sea. Diving since 1966 I have found little to compare with the fullness and beauty of enriching Cocos diving with a descent to the submersible’s one thousand foot deep sea floor cradle. Shanti, shanti, shanti.

Mouad Idrissi Spain
© copyright by Roy Kimhi - Undersea Hunter Group
The crew was amazing and helpful. Very interesting.

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