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© copyright by Joao Paulo Krajewski

© copyright by Joao Paulo Krajewski
© copyright by Joao Paulo Krajewski
© copyright by Joao Paulo Krajewski
© copyright by Joao Paulo Krajewski
After an easy crossing, we arrived at Cocos Island to find clear and calm waters. Day 1 we got our bearings and became acquainted with Manuelita Island and her dive sites. We saw Galapagos sharks and an eagle ray, tunas, moray eels and lots of little fishes.

Day 2 we checked out the east side of the island, which treated us to huge schools of fish and some unforgettable shark action. At Dirty Rock we watched hammerheads come in close as they were cleaned by barberfish and king angelfish. Yellowfin tuna hunted in the background, and we finished up the dive with a visit from some friendly dolphins that came to entertain us at the safety stop. We enjoyed crystal clear visibility at Punta Maria, along with some eagle rays enjoying the current and a gigantic manta ray toward the end. At Viking we saw two enormous tiger sharks and lots of macro life. Both tigers came in almost too close for comfort, as if posing for photos.

Day 3 and 4 the surface conditions were somewhat choppy, with a good bit of current. We saw a group of 6 hammerheads swimming in perfect sync near the sandy bottom at Manuelita Outside, followed by a juvenile dolphin that passed just meters in front of our group.

Day 5 proved to be the best yet – there was suddenly a sharp thermocline that brought in cold waters and incredible marine life. We returned to Dirty Rock and Punta Maria, where we encountered huge quantities of hammerheads at the cleaning station along with many Galapagos sharks. At Punta Maria, four immense Galapagos sharks circled our group beside a regal eagle ray. The ray swam gracefully, so completely oblivious to us divers that it even stuck with us as we ascended.

Day 6 Cocos Island REALLY started sending in the hammerheads. Our very first dive at Alcyone was hot, and we saw a school of about 50 hammerheads out in the blue. Dirty Rock was even better, with hammerheads all over the place from the moment we jumped into the water. At the end, we found ourselves next to a school of at least 100+! Everyone that had their camera on this dive was ecstatic. Countless hammerheads came in super close for some amazing photo and video ops.

Just when we thought Cocos Island couldn’t get any better, Day 7 brought us even more pelagic travelers. We were right in the middle of a gigantic school of bigeye jacks at Alcyone, when a group of curious bottlenose dolphins appeared out of nowhere. Our second dive at Dirty Rock, we spent 60 minutes watching hammerheads coming in from all directions. The very best part was when we saw a school of 100+ hammerheads swimming together above the divers. This school passed by several times and took our breath away with each sighting. Our final dive at Manuelita Outside was a super relaxing one, and Galapagos sharks, hammerheads and a blacktip all came to see us off. What a fantastic start to 2016!

© copyright by Joao Paulo Krajewski

Dive Conditions
Visibility   62 ft / 19 m
Water Temp.   85°F / 29°C
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