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© copyright by Judy Dirckx

© copyright by Judy Dirckx
© copyright by Roberto Frias
© copyright by Judy Dirckx
© copyright by Antonio Frias
Manuelita rocked from Day 1 this trip! While we were waiting for cleaning station action on the very first day we saw three tiger sharks circling us – they came incredibly close, right up to us! Our cruise director Jaume Pericas called it a “tiger shark parade.” Several hammerheads also came in very close to us, but the tiger sharks especially were much more active and curious than normal. Jaume speculates that they might be gearing up to mate.

Day 2 we had excellent visibility of around 70ft. We saw hammerheads being cleaned at Dirty Rock, and also at Punta Maria along with so many Galapagos sharks we simply didn’t know where to look. Day 3 we explored the south side of hte island, and Small Dos Amigos was on FIRE! We just grabbed onto a rock and enjoyed the show. So many species passed before our eyes: rivers of hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, a giant Pacific manta, and even a whale shark! It was an unforgettable dive and one of the best ones of the week.

Another highlight was at Manuelita, where (for the second time this trip) we observed 6 species of shark on one dive. We saw whitetips, blacktips, Galapagos, hammerheads, three tigers and a couple of silkies thrown into the mix. Two of the tigers were 10-ft long males and a 15-ft long female. All the while, Galapagos and other sharks kept passing by for the entire dive! To top it off, during the safety stop a huge school of hammerheads passed by directly beneath us, and along with another two silkies. The dive was nothing short of mindblowing!

Day 6 a giant Pacific manta swam in front of us, and we saw lots of action at all three of Manuelita Outside’s cleaning stations. The third cleaning station was the most busy, and groups of hammerheads came in very close. As we ascended, two tiger sharks came in to check us out. Yet another amazing dive! Later at Dirty Rock, just as we thought everything was calm and quiet, a massive wall of hammerheads came out of nowhere and passed right in front of us. It was the quintessential image of what divers think of when they hear the words “Cocos Island:” a wall of hammerheads from the bottom to the surface, swimming in formation in the same direction as far as the eye could see. No photos or video could possibly do the experience justice – you just have to come dive and see for yourself.

Our last day we went back to the week’s trusty hotspots – Manuelita and Dirty Rock. at Manuelita we saw 5 species of shark on one dive, and at Dirty Rock we came face to face with another unbelievable wall of hammerheads. The hammerheads were all over the place, at the cleaning stations, close to the rocks and out in the blue. Galapagos sharks also patrolled the reef, all the while surrounded by schools of jacks and many different species of fish.

To sum it up, this was another legendary trip to Cocos Island!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   58 ft / 18 m
Water Temp.   77°F / 25°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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