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We just got back from another trip to Cocos Island, and we’re happy to report that the island is as action-packed as ever. In fact, this trip we had one of the very best dives of the season! Upon descending at Manuelita on Day 9, a giant Pacific manta passed in front of us quickly followed by a 12-foot tiger shark that then paced back and forth for a while. After that, a 25-foot whale shark swam right in front of the entire group as if to show off. So many whitetips, marble rays, a huge Galapagos and waves of hammerheads coming in at intervals made this dive simply spectacular.

Starting at the beginning, our very first day at Manuelita this week was epic. We found hammerheads at all three cleaning stations plus schooling in huge numbers out in the blue and right in front of the channel. An enormous tiger shark cruised the area, seeming to enjoy the show as much as we did. Day 2 was filled with schooling hammerhead sightings. On the best dive of the day our guides counted at least 100+ individuals. Punta Maria was calm in comparison, but Pajara was alive and active with hammerheads, marble rays, eagle rays and even a rare silvertip!

Day 3, Alcyone was packed with life. Large groups of whitetips hovered near the thermocline, marble rays cruised around us and there were hammerheads all over the reef. Even a couple of dolphins chased some jacks at one point. There was so much going on we really didn’t know which way to look. Submerged Rock and Pajara Island were hot, too, with big schools of bluefin trevallies hunting and blue and gold snappers trying to hide wherever they could. The night dives were crazy feeding frenzies all week.

Day 4, we explored the south side of the island. At Dos Amigos Grande we saw several hammerheads passing near the arch, and extra activity among the marble rays as they prepared to mate. At Small Dos Amigos, two hammerheads kept passing the cleaning station over and over again, and we saw a bunch of them schooling out in the blue. Hammerheads were again the stars of Day 5. On every single dive we saw them schooling out in the blue, and using the cleaning station super close up. Day 6, Dirty Rock was once again packed with hammerheads.

Day 7 we saw 6 different species of shark on a single dive at Manuelita’s second cleaning station: whitetip, blacktip, Galapagos, hammerhead, tiger and a 25-foot whale shark. Where else but Cocos Island can you see 6 species of shark on a single dive without feeding them? Nowhere else. Our next dive at Manuelita was equally exciting, and we spent nearly the entire time at the first cleaning station just watching the show. The third dive of the day at Dirty Rock was again phenomenal, with a surprise appearance of a 35-foot whale shark! Day 8 at Manuelita and Dirty Rock we saw hammerheads everywhere we looked, both out in the blue and in the cleaning stations. Day 9, Dirty Rock was still on fire but Manuelita proved second to none.

This trip was Cocos Island at its best. On the way back, our guests couldn’t stop repeating this sentence over and over again: “Cocos Island is the best diving I’ve ever had!!!”

Dive Conditions
Visibility   52 ft / 16 m
Water Temp.   77°F / 25°C
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