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© copyright by DeepSee

© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Hello there to all of our adventurous readers!

This trip we had lots of great people join us on our journeys to the mysterious depths of the ocean. These immersions were perfect for fans of mobula rays, as we saw them on every dive – sometimes they came in so close that we could see their beautiful eyes observing at us with both curiosity and wisdom in equal measure. They kept coming to play with the bubbles that the DeepSee released on its way back up from the deep wall.

Another large and truly amazing creature that we encountered was the sunfish (also known as the mola mola or moonfish). This is a fascinating fish, and the heaviest bony fish in the ocean. It has a unique flattened shape and is absolutely massive – this one was about 5ft long. The average mola mola’s weight is about 2,000lbs (with a max recorded weight of 5,000lbs!). You can see where it gets its name by this unique shape.

It never ceases to amaze us how we just never know what to expect on these deep dives!

Thank you all for exploring the depths with us. We really hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again. For those of you planning to come in the future, we are looking forward to meeting you.

The pilots.

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