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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

Hi and pura vida to all of our adventure travelers!

Another great trip has just come to a close, and for this pilot's report we have decided to introduce you to one of the species we observe almost every deep dive at Cocos Island. Please meet the king crab!

© copyright by Roy Kimhi - Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Roy Kimhi - Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Roy Kimhi – Undersea Hunter Group
The king crab can be found along rock formations ranging from 150m/500ft to 300m/1000ft or deeper. Over the years, we have documented, photographed and observed this magnificent 1-1.5ft/30-45cm crab mostly at the northern side of the island, where we operate the majority of our sub dives.

Viewing this crab is always fascinating – we have seen it hiding in the rocks, crossing the sandy platform and feeding along the wall. We've seen crabs of all ages; from juveniles to adults of big and small sizes. This crab often shows its presence at the various dive sites that we explore with the DeepSee submersible.

We had a fantastic shallow dive this trip at Bajo Manuelita, the deepest part of the famous Manuelita dive site, and one of the most visited spots by scuba divers at Cocos Island.

We started the dive on the sand at about 24m/80ft and on the way down we had a huge school of bigeye jacks and mullet snapper surround the submarine. There were thousands of them – so many we couldn’t see anything except a huge cloud of fish swimming in harmony.

One of our pilots happened to be shooting at this very moment with a 360-camera, and this is how it looked:

Whether you traverse the deep or the shallows, the experience of the sub is always exciting. We definitely love shallow dives since it combines the familiar feeling of diving with big schools of fish, big predators and continuous action/activity without even having to get wet!

This was an amazing first trip of 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you on board this year – so make sure to contact our office to verify when we are available at Cocos Island.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

The Pilots

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