DeepSee Submersible

Dance of the Mobula
90 Seconds of DeepSee
Dive Deep
Everest Dive Site Highlights May 18-28, 2017
Discovery of the Prickly Shark at Cocos Island
DeepSee Video Testimonial
DeepSee Video Report: Argo Nov 1-11, 2015
Nat Geo and the DeepSee at the Galapagos
DeepSee Guest Reactions: October 2013
Video from Cocos Island, Costa Rica of the guests in our DeepSee Submersible's reaction to their experience.
DeepSee Guest Reaction - September 2013
Field Report: Dr. Jorge Cortés on using the DeepSee Submersible for Research
Follow Dr. Jorge Cortés as he explores the depths of Cocos Island, Costa Rica with the DeepSee Submersible. Dr. Cortes is a researcher at the Center for Research in Marine Biology and Limnology (CIMAR) which is affiliated with the University of Costa Rica. September 2013 Visit our website for more information:
A goosefish bites off more than he can chew...
In this DeepSee Submaribe video, a goosefish (Lophiodes caulinaris), attempts to eat an anthias fish whole. This is the first time we have seen something like this, and we are thrilled to be able to share the video footage from such an interesting event. At the end of the video, you can see that the anthias fish is able to escape, but attracts the attention of a curious conger eel.
Feeding Frenzy - Everest Seamount - October 2012
While on a pilot training dive to the Everest Seamount at Cocos Island, Costa Rica, the DeepSee Submersible's camera captured this video of a feeding frenzy. Watch as rainbow runners are devoured by silky sharks and tunas, jacks, and groupers try to get in on the action.
DeepSee Submarine for Research
DeepSee Synergy - Howard Hall Productions
In November 2011 Avi Klapfer of Undersea Group hosted a pre-production film crew from MacGillivray Freeman Films aboard the M/V Argo to promote the use of their DeepSee Submersible. This video was created to demonstrate the validity of supporting trimix rebreather divers with the submersible to explore the “Twilight Zone” below 250 feet. The dive site was a seamount near Cocos Island called Everest. During the expedition Greg MacGillivray captured preliminary sequences for his One World One Ocean IMAX project. At this time, no production plans have been set.
DeepSee Submersible Highlights 2012 by Felipe
This highlight video comes direct from our very own DeepSee Sub Pilot Felipe. He created this beautiful video to showcase the incredible underwater life encountered with the DeepSee Sub dives in Cocos Island, Costa Rica. DeepSee Pilot Felipe shares a clip from a particularly special encounter with a sand tiger shark. Itt marks only the 3rd time we have seen a sand tiger shark (Carcharius taurus) near The Wall ( This shark goes by many names including Grey Nurse Shark, Sand Tiger, Spotted, and Ragged-tooth Shark.
Golfo Dulce Expedition Highlights
Adventure, Exploration, & Scientific Research! MV Undersea Hunter with the DeepSee aboard went on an exploratory research trip with the University of Costa Rica's CIMAR - Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología to Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica. Check out the highlights from the expedition and to read more about the findings click here: Golfo Dulce Expedition
Argo and DeepSee Promo
The DeepSee is a custom-build one-atmosphere submarine, capable of carrying a pilot and two passengers to a depth of 1,500 feet (450 meters). She is a flexible, capable and masterfully designed vehicle that can agilely operate throughout her range in comfort and safety.
DeepSee Sub Highlights - April 4-14 2012
Highlights from our most recent trip to Cocos Island, Costa Rica while diving in the DeepSee Submersible. Filmed and edited by DeepSee Sub Pilots Arik and Felipe.
DeepSee Dive Time Lapse
When One World One Ocean came with the DeepSee and MV Argo in December 2011 they captured this incredible time lapse video of Shaun MacGillivray, producer and managing director at One World One Ocean (OWOO), as he takes his first-ever dive in the DeepSee submarine.
Cocos 2010 - Howard Hall Productions
Cocos 2010 was captured using the RED One camera during 14 days at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. During that time we made four dives aboard the Undersea Hunter submersible, DeepSee.
Into the Abyss - National Geographic
With the DeepSee submersible, Enric Sala, Sylvia Earle, Jorge Cortes, and other expedition scientists probe depths beyond the reach of scuba divers at Cocos Island and Las Gamelas seamounts.
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