Expeditions & Documentaries

Journey to Chile's Wild Side
National Geographic Desventuradas Expedition - Behind The Scenes
abc* Expedition to Cocos Island
This was a very special trip on MV Argo hosted by Director Nicolas Ibarg├╝en of the abc* Foundation. Visit our news page to learn more about the expedition: http://www.underseahunter.com/n53/abc-foundation-s-trip-to-cocos-island.html
Expedition UCR-UNA COCO-V
The research trip focused on the interaction of ocean-atmosphere and the marine biodiversity of Cocos Island. The video shows the creation of underwater maps, the positioning of a new weather station on Cocos Island, the analysis and study of phytoplankton & zoo-plankton, as well as the documentation of new species.
IMAX Filming - Behind The Scenes
An incredible look at the behind-the-scenes process of creating an IMAX Film. Utilizing Argo and the DeepSee Submersible the One World One Ocean crew take us along with them as they test their Red Epic and IMAX cameras.
DeepSee in Mexico: Gran Tiburon Blanco
This incredible footage was captured by Diventures Corp, an adventure dive travel company based in Mexico City, Mexico. This is a preview for the fifth episode of a Mexican TV Show Series called Entremares airing on Channel 11 - Mexico.
Dr. Richard Pyle: IMAX Field Report
Dr. Richard Pyle is an ichthyologist and partner scientist at One World One Ocean, a campaign that is harnessing the power of film, television and digital media to spark a global movement to protect and restore the world's ocean. Pyle and One World One Ocean filmed this while on expedition with MV Argo and the DeepSee Submersible to Cocos Island.
DeepSee Dive Time Lapse
When One World One Ocean came with the DeepSee and MV Argo in December 2011 they captured this incredible time lapse video of Shaun MacGillivray, producer and managing director at One World One Ocean (OWOO), as he takes his first-ever dive in the DeepSee submarine.
Richard Pyle on Rebreathers at Cocos Island
Filmed during the IMAX Edpedition with MV Argo and DeepSee, Ichthyologist and One World One Ocean partner scientist Richard Pyle discusses cutting-edge rebreather technology that allows for an unparalleled dive experience.
Into the Abyss - National Geographic
With the DeepSee submersible, Enric Sala, Sylvia Earle, Jorge Cortes, and other expedition scientists probe depths beyond the reach of scuba divers at Cocos Island and Las Gamelas seamounts.
Black & Blanco by Juan Manuel Camargo
Incredible video by our Cruise Director Juan Manuel Camargo encompassing several clips from his dives at Cocos during 2011.
Cocos 2010 - Howard Hall Productions
Cocos 2010 was captured using the RED One camera during 14 days at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. During that time we made four dives aboard the Undersea Hunter submersible, DeepSee.
The Broken Code - Cocos Island, Costa Rica
This video was filmed at Cocos Island, Costa Rica by Leandro Blanco and Manu San Felix, while aboard the Undersea Hunter Group's MV Argo.
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