Guest Videos

Dan's Trip Video MV Sea Hunter Aug 13-25 2013
A beautiful trip video by our good friend Dan. He shot all the footage during his trip on MV Sea Hunter this past August. It's amazing what can be captured in just 9 days of diving!
The Bottle and the Island - September 2013
A tale of a diver's journey to dive Cocos Island, Costa Rica on MV Argo with a little help from a rare artifact! - Big thanks to Grant Henderson for sending us the video! We hope you return to Cocos Island!
Andreas and Gabi's December 2012 Trip Video
Check out this awesome video from Gabi and Andreas of Germany. They came with MV Sea Hunter back in December 2012 (since then they have already come back to Cocos for another trip)...after you watch this video you will see why they just can't stay away!
Ben & Lucy Challenger's Video Series 1 of 5
Ben & Lucy Challenger had the pleasure of diving with the team from MV Argo on their honeymoon during September 2012. The whole team and experience was incredible from start to finish. We would highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves diving it was incredible! Part 1 of 5 Videos. Click here to see the other 4 videos
SCHÖNER TAUCHEN Gruppenreise mit der Sea Hunter zur Insel der Haie
Cocos Island - wet, wild and wonderful!!! 13-tägige Gruppenreise mit der M/V Sea Hunter zur Isla del Coco. Auf dieser Tour hat sich für mich wieder einmal gezeigt, das Cocos nicht umsonst die „Insel der Haie" genannt wird!! Auf dieser SCHÖNER TAUCHN-Gruppenreise blieben keine Taucherwünsche offen. Weltklasse Tauchen und die tolle Stimmung an Bord ließen diese Reise zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis für alle Teilnehmer werden! An Tauchplätzen wie Alcyone, Dirty Rock, Dos Amigos, Manuelita Chanel oder Manuelita outside hatten wir unvergessliche Erlebnisse mit den Räubern der Tiefe. Tigerhaie, Galapagos Haie, Schwarzspitzenhaie, Weißspitzen, Seidenhaie und nicht zuletzt die riesigen Schulen Hammerhaie!!! Kein Tauchgang ohne Haie!!! Cocos ist für jede Art von Begegnung mit Großfisch gut und jeder, der schon einmal da war, will wieder zurück!
Cocos 2012 HD - Thomas Nolting
Video by Thomas Nolting from his trip to Cocos Island on MV Argo from June 6-18 2012. He was able to capture incredible clips of tiger sharks, hammerheads, courting marble rays, Galapagos sharks and an incredible diversity of fish and other creatures.
Image Slideshow by Michael Aw
Photos taken by guest Michael Aw ( during the May 28 - June 8 2012 Trip to Cocos Island with MV Argo.
Road Trip to Cocos Island - Damien Mauric
Video documenting our guests journey from Paris, France to Cocos Island, Costa Rica to join the Undersea Hunter Group's MV Argo PRETOMA Turtle Tagging Expedition April 17-27th 2012
Night Diving by Jean-Marc Thimon
Footage from a single dive at Manuelita Coral Garden. Filmed in July 2010, in HD 1080i. Camera : Sony HDR-XR550 Housing : Bluefin Pro Lights : Sunray 2000
Diving Manuelita by Jean-Marc Thimon
99% of the footage was filmed at Manuelita (Channel, Out & Coral Garden) the others were filmed at Punta Maria and Submerge Rock. Filmed : July 2010 in HD 1080i Camera : Sony HDR-XR550 Housing : Bluefin Pro Lights : Sunray 2000
Diving Cocos Island 2009 by Alex Lemon
A brief video featuring some of the highlights from my adventure to Cocos & Malpelo Islands. This video shows a bit of the underwater action. Watch for loads of sharks, jacks, and dolphins. The music is "Gunpowder and Gasoline" by Hans Zimmer and James Howard, remixed by Max Wesson. Many thanks to the people and crew at for a great dive trip!
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