Dive Skiffs

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The dive skiffs on board Sea Hunter, Undersea Hunter, and Argo are uniquely well-designed assets worth mentioning. At times when a rubber inflatable would be crippled in the wind-blown vastness of the Pacific, these large, heavy-duty fiberglass dive cruisers provide the stability and safety that is essential at Cocos Island. We comfortably handle up to nine divers plus dive-master and pilot in each skiff and move safely and efficiently, targeting diverse dive sites around the island.
Each measuring 24 feet in length and with a beam of over nine feet, these boats are extremely stable in any sea conditions. Our skiffs are powered by twin 90HP, 4-cycle fumeless outboard motors. These modern engines provide the power and redundancy required to safely reach any of the remote dive sites within a extended radius of the mothership. At the end of the dive, re-boarding is conveniently accomplished via a solid, steady ladder.
These boats are equipped with integrated racks for scuba diving equipment, separate camera storage area, VHF radios and a T-roof, which offers shelter from the tropical elements for the crew and camera equipment. They further hold all the necessary safety equipment including communications, oxygen, first-aid kit and spare dive gear.
Our extra large skiffs serve as the primary dive platform throughout your trip. Personal dive gear is kept onboard the skiffs during the entire duration of the active dive days. This completely eliminates the need to lug heavy scuba tanks back and forth between mothership and skiff, reducing wear and tear on equipment as well as people. The tanks are recharged in place, within minutes of returning from your dive. This enables the divers to always be ready, at a moment's notice, to take advantage of a fleeting opportunity be it a whale sighting or the spontaneous appearance of a bait-ball.
Special Expedition
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An IMAX ready skiff, equipped with special swinging boom, can safely launch and retrieve an IMAX housing/camera system. Its large size provides ample storage space for extra rolls of film and all necessary tools for the loading and reloading of film magazines. A special soft-top enclosure allows dry magazine reload even in extreme weather condition. A portable 5kw electric generator can also be supplied and installed on the deck of one of our two skiffs.

In addition to these two large skiffs on each of our vessels, we can supply you with an 18-ft. Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) with an experienced boat operator. This gives you even greater mobility and flexibility for your film projects.

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