Galmar Dock Facility

The Galmar Dock, warehouse and workshop facility
Galmar is our dedicated dock located in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Owned by the Undersea Hunter Group, it is a private facility consisting of 49 linear meters (160 linear feet) of concrete bulkhead and dock with approximately 2400 square meters (25,000 square feet) of adjacent property. Galmar is a new, purpose-built working and boarding dock designed to serve the harboring, boarding and maintenance needs of our vessels.

The dock contains about 800 square meters (8500 square feet) of covered work area and houses our local offices, crew accommodations, workshops and ample warehouse. It is our logistical center and storage for an extensive inventory of spare parts and provisions for all of our vessels. Galmar hosts an extremely well equipped workshop that can handle all types of work including carpentry, fiberglass, mold building and repairs, painting and corrosion treatment, engine work and metal work in steel, aluminum and stainless steel including cutting and welding. Almost all of the maintenance work performed on our vessels is done in-house by our own talented workers.

The Galmar dock has a permanent crew of 12 to 16 employees during regular operations and supports up to 50 workers and employees during periods of construction or the pre-programmed maintenance of our vessel. Keeping this work in-house assures that our stringent quality needs are being met. We are fully capable of overhauling and extensively refurbishing our vessels at Galmar.
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