Environmental Commitment

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

The Undersea Hunter Group has been an unshakable advocate of environmental protection from our very beginnings. As the world has become more conscious of the importance of sustainability, Costa Rica has remained on the forefront, raising the bar and opening more and more specialized facilities. By participating, educating and often pioneering, our efforts have also continued to evolve.

Here are some examples of how we do our part in this all-important area of concern to everyone. While onboard our vessels, each guest receives a beautifully designed, reusable water bottle with refreshing high-quality potable water conveniently available for refills. This keeps our guests and crew hydrated while eliminating the wasteful production and transport of over 1000 disposable plastic water bottles per trip.

Solid Waste Recycling
The USHG has set up an incentivized system for receiving, separating and storing all forms of recyclable waste at our very own GalMar dock. What's the incentive apart from doing the right thing? Our workers are rewarded for their diligence with the entire proceeds from this effort.

This process begins on our three boats where the paper, plastic, glass and aluminum are separated by the crew and brought home. That’s easy! Next we also receive, transport and separate all of the refuse produced and collected by the park rangers, volunteers and academic investigators working at Cocos Island, and that refuse is also brought to our dock. In addition, chemicals, medicines, batteries and other tech-generated wastes are segregated and stored. Once a month, this substantial volume of material is transported by our own trucks to the appropriate facilities.
Food Supply
We are aware of the impact of humanity on land as well as the oceans. For this reason, all of our food is carefully chosen to encourage best practices.
All beef served on our vessels consists of Costa Rican-raised, grass-fed cattle from a supplier that uses no chemicals or antibiotics in their husbandry. The pork we use is also Costa Rican-raised and free of chemicals and antibiotics.
Where possible, our local fruits and vegetables are raised with no pesticides or chemicals, following international organic guidelines.
Cleaning Tools
All cleaning substances used both aboard our vessels and dockside, are the most environmentally-friendly, biodegradable products available.
The Undersea Hunter Group cooperates with the Costa Rican Ministry of Education to instruct classes of specially chosen students in the importance of marine conservation. . The USHG has been pivotal in developing this well-focused effort, officially called "The National Program for Marine Education." Top students from the elementary grades through high school are brought to visit our GalMar dock facility where they share refreshments with our Gal-Mar Dock Team during an educational presentation. Next, they come aboard the boats and see the DeepSee submersible, take a panga tour of the Puntarenas Estuary, view videos of Cocos Island and are introduced to the full spectrum of our conservation work. Instructing future generations is a critically important part of our overall sustainability plan.
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