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Safety is a Priority
Due to the remoteness of both Cocos and Malpelo, safety is an absolute priority at all times. This we have always understood and no dive operation takes it more seriously or is more prepared for all eventualities. Your safety is our first priority. Our Captains all have naval, military backgrounds. They are fully qualified and hold internationally recognized seafaring licenses. Many of our crew are Medic First Aid Instructors or are trained for basic first aid and as DAN O2 providers.
Click here to learn more about the crew safety training program.

All of our boats' crews maintain peak performance skills for all conceivable emergencies including Man Overboard, Lost Diver Searches, Fire at Sea and more. It is company policy that all of our ship's personnel performs these exercise drills on EVERY trip, while our guests relax.
Dive Briefing
We conduct a short dive briefing with white-board diagrams before each dive. Here the dive master will explain the site's dive strategy and highlight the points of interest of that particular dive. All dives are lead by the same dive master who did your briefing. The buddy-system is obligatory. A 60-minute maximum dive time is enforced.
Diving Practices
Since the nearest hyperbaric facility in San Jose is 36 hours away, it is imperative that we maintain safe diving practices within the recreational diving limits. Thus, decompression dives are fare not permitted and a maximum depth of 115 feet or 35 meters is imposed. To increase safety and bottom time while maintaining safe non-decompression dives, the use of Nitrox becomes essential. DAN O2 Emergency kits are present on all of our skiffs as well as on the mothership.
Cocos Island Emergency Evacuation Plan
We strongly recommend that our passengers have valid Divers Alert Network insurance to provide coverage in the event of an accident. Cocos Island is a very remote area and the cost involved in evacuating a diver is very high. The D.A.N. policy is a vital protection to have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with obtaining dive insurance. Even if you do not have DAN, then you must have a dive specific insurance that covers evacuation specifically from Cocos Island.

A short-term cancellation insurance policy should be obtained from your travel agent in case of unexpected changes in your plans. Accident, medical and baggage insurance are also recommended.
Safety Kit & Nautilus Lifeline GPS
We provide all guests with our Safety Kit that includes an extra-large orange dive sausage, a powerful storm whistle and a special safety light.

We also provide the Nautilus Lifeline to all passengers, the units are tethered to each diver's BCD. When activated, the alarm is triggered aboard our vessel and the specific coordinates of the diver's location are communicated. The Lifeline automatically communicates not just with our own vessels, but with every modern marine VHF radio within a 12-mile range.

These units also transmit the Marine International Distress Signal that is monitored by all ships and coast guard vessels.

 This is a revolutionary diver locator device: it has taken existing technology (VHF radio GPS) and custom-designed it specifically for scuba divers.
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Experienced Crew
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The total isolation of these Islands and our understanding of the prevailing ocean currents play a major roll in our emergency plan and readiness. We are always vigilant for the possibility that a diver might drift away from a dive site. With frequent rain squalls, surface conditions are unpredictable at times. For this reason we only hire and train highly skilled personnel.

As critical crew components, our skiff pilots have the experience and the know-how to keep track of our divers. Head counts are done methodically and our dive-masters and skiff operators quickly learn the names and faces of all of our guest. With full knowledge of local conditions they are prepared to search and locate divers even in the most extreme circumstances.
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