Going Ashore

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

While at Cocos, several excursions on the island can be planned to complement your dive trips. Most popular is the visit to the isolated Ranger Station at Chatham Bay where pirates, whalers and visitors of yesteryear have carved graffiti on the large beach rocks.
Other excellent options are walks to one of the beautiful waterfalls where, after a short hike through the steamy tropical jungle, you can take a refreshing dip in one of several freshwater pools. Also available, depending on weather, are walking tours of the trail linking Chatham Bay to Wafer Bay. This hike offers marvelous panoramas of Cocos' remarkable shoreline and a rare glimpse of the island's daunting interior geography. It's a nature lovers' dream with spectacular, ancient tree ferns and bromeliads fighting for space on the huge moss-covered limbs of ironwood trees. The Cocos finch is almost friendly with little fear of man and the wild pigs, transplanted here during pirate days, can often be seen foraging in the clearings.
For the serious hikers among us and weather permitting, an eight-hour trek to the summit of Cerro Yglesias, the highest peak on Cocos Island, can be arranged. A visit to the main park ranger installation at Wafer Bay and its adjacent stream and forest can also be enjoyed when sea conditions permit a safe beach landing. Please note that all trips to and activities on Cocos Island must be pre-arranged and confirmed with the National Park Authorities. Permission, usually for the following day, can be efficiently acquired by our captain through direct ship-to-shore radio communication with the rangers.

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