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Why Dive Nitrox?
Imagine that you are at Cocos Island diving one of the truly exotic locations on the planet. You strap on your wrist computer and plan the best air dive possible. But after too short a time on the bottom you are already hearing from your computer that it's time to begin to surface. Looking down while ascending, you see some others who began the dive with you but are still down there. They are wearing scuba tanks with a special green and yellow label: NITROX.

What is Nitrox? It's enriched air with a higher percentage of oxygen and a lower percentage of nitrogen than normal atmosphere. By reducing the amount of nitrogen in breathing gas, there is less to dissolve in our bloodstream for an equal time at a given depth. This translates into more bottom time with an additional benefit: a significant reduction of the effects of nitrogen narcosis.
Depending on the mixture, Nitrox can allow you as much as 50% more bottom time than the same dive with air.

Other advantages are shorter surface intervals due to less outgassing required and, at the end of a busy diving day, you'll actually feel less fatigued due to the reduced physiological effort required to outgas. Another bonus that many Nitrox divers report is generally reduced air consumption, further adding to bottom time.

Nitrox diving is simple, beneficial, and most importantly, safer than diving on regular air. This is especially true in places like Cocos Island, where the diving profile is moderately deep and where, due to the excitement of the experience, divers have a tendency to stretch the limits of diving on air.

In order to maximize your enjoyment and optimize your depth for each particular dive-site, the actual dive profile selection chosen by our dive masters is based on the Nitrox mixture used.

Nitrox Courses
If you are a certified Nitrox diver, then please remember to bring your Nitrox certification card with you! You will be asked to present proof of certification once onboard the vessel.

If you are not yet a certified Nitrox diver, it is necessary to obtain such training and certification prior to actually diving with us. The Undersea Hunter Group nitrox course and certification is available through TDI "Technical Diving International" before your arrival.

As a convenient alternative, we can certify you onboard at an additional cost. There are no special skills or in-water training associated with the certification. So you can simply plan on completing the three-hour theory course during the 36-hour cruise to Cocos or Malpelo Island.

Neither is there any alteration required as far as your equipment is concerned. It's only the gas mixture that is modified.

Practically speaking, Nitrox diving is as easy as breathing continuously, knowing how to work a dive table, analyzing your cylinder's oxygen content and not diving beyond the limits.

Nitrox fills are free and unlimited aboard our boats
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