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Supporting Your Expedition

The Undersea Hunter Fleet offers global diving support vessels for your commercial film production. The fleet is made up of three long-range ocean going vessels; the Sea Hunter, Undersea Hunter, and Argo along with the DeepSee submersible. All of our vessels meet or exceed international safety standards and have an extended expedition range of 5,000 nautical miles. Our boats have practical autonomous endurance of up to 30 days at sea, the limiting factor being simply the re-supply of fresh food. With an average cruising speed of 10 Knots, the vessels can safely and comfortably reach the most isolated corners of the hydrosphere. Click to view previous productions and expeditions.
DeepSee Submersible
DeepSee Synergy
DeepSee is the first deep submersible designed and developed specifically with the ocean enthusiast and underwater adventurer in mind, while also being fully apt as a flexible film making and scientific exploration platform.

DeepSee is equipped with an impressive array of HID lights and High Definition video camera that documents all of her dives. Passengers can also use their own video or still camera equipment from inside the acrylic sphere taking advantage of the sub’s powerful external lighting. A full motion, mechanical arm enables DeepSee to accept additional external cameras, collect samples and deploy instruments.

This video by Howard Hall Productions, entitled DeepSee Synergy, is a terrific example of the endless capabilities offered via the DeepSee Sub. It demonstrates the validity of supporting trimix rebreather divers with the submersible to explore the “Twilight Zone” below 250 feet.

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Pro Lab
The Pro-Lab is a large deck-mountable workshop consisting of a 10 x 10 foot self-contained camera workstation, complete with large camera turntable, wet and dry section, specialized and dedicated work tools and internal lighting with power supply. The fully air-conditioned Pro Lab was designed and built to accommodate IMAX cameras and related equipment.

A large U shaped workbench provides technicians and cinematographers with the much-needed space for servicing and loading cameras. The walls are fitted with special secure shelves
and numerous storage drawers system. As a designated photography workshop, the Pro-Lab does not contain any of the ship's equipment or supplies. It is an exclusive and reserved suite used solely by the film production team. During many projects the “BOX” has become the filmmaker’s most cherished tool. Your home away from home!

Dive Skiffs
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An IMAX-ready skiff, equipped with a distinctive swinging boom can safely launch and retrieve heavy housings and camera systems.

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