© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

Avi and Orly in the DeepSee Submersible.
Yosy and Avi

Their Story:

Yosy Naaman joined husband and wife adventurers Avi and Orly Klapfer, for an ambitious sailing circumnavigation of the globe during 1984-1986. That was the beginning of this most noble endeavor. All three individuals bring extensive and diverse experience to the mix. Avi Klapfer and Yosy Naaman have impressive credentials as explorers and sea captains while Orly Klapfer is an accredited marine biologist and long-time mariner.

The Argo & DeepSee submersible, Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter were born out of their common fascination with the ocean and the undersea world. The quality, spirit and technological excellence of the organization they have built offers an incomparable portal into our marine environment; as well as being one of the most versatile platforms imaginable for the production of large-scale, underwater film or scientific projects.

Avi Klapfer holds an international reputation as a sailor, diver, underwater photographer and cinematographer. His maritime career began as a Command Captain in the Israeli Navy in 1975. That military background encompassed oceanic search and recovery missions on a 4000-ton research & supply ship. His experience now includes vessel design as well as decades of dive-charter and film project management in the Red Sea, Palau and Costa Rica. In addition to operating the Undersea Hunter Group, his current activities also focus on major commercial ventures that can effectively and fiscally support complex marine cinematographic productions. Avi is always interested in novel ocean projects that fully test his talents as an artist, engineer, master-diver and sea captain.

In 1990, Yosy left his position as an industrial electronics specialist and computer programmer to join his shipmates as a partner in the creation of the Undersea Hunter fleet. Together, Klapfer and Naaman create a special combination of technical expertise, which allows functionality and creative opportunities that rarely co-exist in a standard dive-charter operation.
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