Eel Appeal: Water Column

December 2009, Dive Magazine UK / Douglas David Seifert
From tital pools formed at the lowest of low tides to rocky habitats, wrecks, and reefs and down along coral walls leading down to the abyss, wherever there is a suitable crevice, one is almost certain to find a moray eel of one species or another.

By day, they are shy and retiring, their bodies concealed in labyrinthine lairs, with only their heads peeking out from the rocky shadows towards open water. Their large, unblinking eyes stare fixedly and their jaws open and close ceaselessly, rhythmically, displaying a fierce array of multitudinous, backward-pointing, needle sharp teeth set in long, tapered jaws.

The sight of a large aquatic creature peering out of a hole, with jaws gaping wide and displaying a bear-trap mouth of fantastic and dangerous looking teeth, has fascinated people since the dawn oF recorded history, with narratives dating back to the time of the Roman Empire.
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