Cocos Island:

An Ocean Oasis

October 2011 - Undercurrent
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Cocos divers are a committed bunch. (Some might opine that they should actually be committed… to a room with padded walls wearing jackets with sleeves that tie behind you.) First of all, it’s not a cheap investment and there’s the little matter of a two-day sea crossing of nearly 400 miles just to get there.

Upon arrival you are afforded the opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds (maybe thousands) of schooling hammerhead sharks. And tuna the size of NFL linemen, mantas, various billfish, dolphin, bait balls, scores of marble rays the size of coffee tables, and a million or so schools of big eye jack and other species I’m still trying to identify. And, of yeah, you’ve got an odds on chance of swimming with a whale shark or two and seeing a humpback whale.

I began leading trips to Cocos back in 1996 when we used the Sea Hunter fleet as a proving ground for the first editions of the Draeger semi-closed circuit rebreather. If there was ever a location that was better match for the silent stealth of rebreathers, I can’t imagine where we might look.

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