Cocos Island

Like Diving Jurassic Park

May/June 2011
Wow, wow and more wow. After many years of travelling, people always ask me about the best place that I dived, but I never had an answer. Being fortunate enough to see the world, and after many amazing dive sites, I finally found my answer, and with no doubt it is Cocos Island just off Costa Rica.

I knew after this trip that diving would never be the same again if I had to compare it with my 10 day trip there earlier this year. If I have to try explain what Cocos Island looks like, I don’t know where to start. Go and have a look at the movie Jurassic Park, as that was the inspiration for the original book – forested mountains and thousands of waterfalls are the norm. I did not see any dinosaurs but on every dive I saw the most fish and sharks that I ever seen.
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