Discovering the Deep Side

of the World

July/August 2011 Divestyle Magazine
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The life in the deep oceans has always been a mystery for me. I had always been attracted to the deep oceans and that is why I think I started technical diving. I had been to 500 feet (152m) on a scuba dive, but now it was time to test my limits and go double that depth to 1000 feet (304m). I wanted to go and see what it’s like where the water is not blue anymore.

On my last trip to Coco’s Islands I was very surprised to see a submarine on the liveaboard on which i was staying. The islands of Coco’s are located in the famous Coco’s Island Marine Park in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, 550km southwest of Cabo Blanco (Central America) off the coast of Costa Rica. I was lucky to be on the Argo, the luxurious liveaboard that was a rare combination of work ship and luxury yacht.

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