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June 2013 - Diveflagapp Blog
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The Argo vessel has a submarine on-board, which allows recreational divers for the first time to experience the deeper ocean crevasses surrounding Cocos Island. The Undersea Hunter Group gained inspiration to add this vessel after assisting in the production of the documentary 'Coral Reef Adventure' and after conducting many deep ocean explorations by scuba.

Before the submersible operators take any firm bookings, they conducted a brief presentation regarding the on-board submarine. The presentation covers expected duration underwater, the type of experiences you can expect and the pricing. This presentation provides for a fantastic opportunity for passengers to ask any questions they want about the experience. After this presentation passengers can book either a 100 m or 350 m dive experience. Each experience is unique and so, should there be spots available and budget permitting it is highly recommended that you do both.

Our experience:

The Undersea Hunter Group takes safety very seriously. Two members of the submersible crew sit down and run you through the experience by way of briefing and then caution you as to the safety procedures. Rest assured that the submarine is designed and built with safety in mind.

We are provided with safety gear: a blue jumpsuit and rubber shoes. After putting on the safety gear we walked outside to where they have already lowered the submersible into the ocean. You walk onto a standing platform and then lower yourself into the dome of the submarine.

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