Dive with Hammerhead

Sharks Cocos Island, CR

artphototravel.net Les Sharp - December 2013
Being surrounded by hundreds of hammerhead sharks in the waters of Cocos Island is one of lifetime’s must-do activities.
Normally accessible, only to experienced scuba divers, there is now the opportunity to be part of this spectacle by paying passage on the three-man submersible DeepSee, with its walk-on walk-off one atmosphere acrylic capsule.

Scalloped hammerhead sharks school in vast numbers around Cocos throughout the year, but particularly during the wet season from June through October, when the schools frequent the top 40m of water. Here, they are seen to socialize and attend a number of ‘cleaning stations’ where their parasites are removed by barberfish and king angel fish.

Their behaviour in this environment is non-threatening, allowing very close encounters, it being believed that they feed at night in the deep on squid some distance off the coast of Cocos Island returning in the morning along fast moving currents. Another amazing spectacle is the night dive where white tip sharks hunt in frenzied packs searching the nooks and crannies for any fish that has not fled the area. In addition, the Cocos marine park supports a vast biomass of fish from the very small through a range of sharks, including Galapagos, tiger and whale shark as well as mobula, eagle and giant pacific manta rays, crowning the Cocos Island as one of the top diving sites of the World.

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