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Peter Rees Diving Officer, Llantrisant Sub-Aqua Club
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Peter Rees, Diving Officer, Llantrisant Sub-Aqua Club
We had an excellent charter. Everything was as expected and better. The boat and crew were superb and the diving was “out of this world”. Lots of Hammerhead action at Cocos. Every dive was brilliant. Special thanks to our dive guides Wilson and Leo. We will long remember sites like Alcyone, Dirty Rock and Silverado and the big fish that we saw there. And we will especially remember not to come up close to the rocks!
Once again – Thank you very much! Diolch yn fawr!

Phil Dewhurst (aka Phil The Post) Secretary, Llantrisant Sub Aqua Club
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Phil Dewhurst (aka Phil The Post), Secretary, Llantrisant Sub Aqua Club
We had gone down the rope hand over hand, a fierce Pacific current threatening to rip regulators and masks from our faces. At the sea bed we found gaps in the rocks and trying to avoid the black spiky urchins wedged ourselves in. Above us was the image that had brought us over 6000 miles. Squadrons of hammerhead shark – Wilson our tireless guide estimated 400 maybe 500 and his video recordings would certainly back this up. We stared in awe at this spectacle of nature we had been privileged to witness, and took plenty of photos that would be a reminder for years to come.
Cocos Island, with its romantically named dive sites has allowed us access to a wonderful marine world. We’ve seen marble ray, eagle ray and manta ray, different species of the shark family, the amazing bat fish, schools of snapper, dolphins and lots of beautifully coloured reef fish. On three, sometimes four dives a day our guides Leo and Wilson worked hard to find us the very best marine life in the world. And when we weren’t diving we were enjoying the luxurious facilities on what to me is the best live-aboard boat I’ve ever stayed on. So, many thanks to a hard working and extremely professional crew that looked after us so well during our stay. Nothing was too much trouble.
Sadly the time has come for our little group to leave you. Wilson, I leave you this message. On one of your many presentations to us you ended by declaring we were likened to your family. Well, God and my bank manager willing maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to visit this particular family once again.

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