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Tracy McKenzie Turks and Caicos Islands
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This trip has been so amazing..the abundance of life is incredible and the experience hard to put into words...everyone can be sure I'll be back as many times as I can be! We had hammerheads, silkies, Galapagos, black tips, and white tips (like fish, there are so many). Eagle rays, marbled rays everywhere and mantas said hello on several dives as well! Our Gold group got a visit from a lovely whale shark one day, while the blue group got to play with a pod of dolphins on their dive. Also got to watch tuna hunting, with the sharks and dolphins getting in the hunt as well, all while hanging out below the action with the hammerheads!

Loved it all, so many things I am forgetting to mention I am sure.. the Sea Hunter crew took such wonderful care of us the entire time, and the group on boat was great. Cocos itself is such a beautiful island with the lush greenery, boobies in the air, and waterfalls everywhere, I highly recommend it to any adventurous diver who loves the big stuff!

Cheers! and hope to be back soon!

Felipe Massari Sao Paulo, Brasil
Desde que comecei a mergulhar sonhava com esta viagem e foi simplesmente sensacional , muitos tubaroes martelo, Galapagos , galha branca, muitas raias de varias especies , cardumes gigantes de peixes que fazem uma verdadeira nuvem capaz de escurecer o mergulho de repente. A tripulacao e sensacional sempre fazendo os clientes se sentirem especiais e sempre com uma incrivel surpresa.

Os mergulhadores um de cada canto do planeta fizeram a viagem um grande intercambio de ideias e culturas . O barco e incrivel e super confortavel sem contar o submarino onde e possivel fazer um mergulho conhecendo o fundo do oceano. Sem duvidas uma experiencia para a vida toda !

Aguas Cristalinas a todo pessoal do SEA HUNTER !!!
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Jon Buchheim Tarpon Springs, FL
I want to thank the Undersea Hunter Group for donating this trip to the SEA SAVE Foundation for their charity auction. This is my second trip with Undersea Hunter to Coco’s and they have again surpassed my expectations. The crew and boat were very welcoming. I will have the memory of whale sharks, mantas, turtles, moray eels, black and orange frog fish, cleaning stations, mantas, huge schools of swirling big eye jacks, and of course the sharks dancing in my head for many more months. The greatest part of Coco’s is the desire it instills in you to come back.
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Amir Kaspi New York / Tel Aviv, Israel
I’ve just came back from an amazing vacation with the Undersea Hunter Group. I highly recommend this trip for those who are interested in a high adrenalin scuba diving vacation. We saw schools of Hammerhead, Galapagos, Silky, Whitetip sharks, rays, dolphins and many more. Cocos Island is undoubtedly one of Costa Rica’s greatest natural treasures worth visiting.

The crew on board, the dive masters and the trip director were very professional and went above and beyond to ensure divers’ satisfaction. Although the Undersea Hunter Group's team has run these trips for many years, they were enthusiastic and excited to show us the best of Cocos as if this was their first trip. I would definitely come back to yet another great vacation with the team in the future.

Pura Vida !
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Uli Kallenbach Lucerne, Switzerland
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Uli and his camera
“Pura vida” is a universal comment in Costa Rica and could be translated as “pure life” (even though it means much more). To me, taking a liveaboard trip on the Seahunter is “pura vida” to its fullest in several senses. Marine life at Cocos is pure, pretty much unspoiled, and very much enjoyable even for divers who have seen a lot of good dive sites of the world.

Meeting the people aboard is also pura vida. This was my second trip on the Seahunter, and again (just as last year) I met wonderful buddies from all over the world. Would like to thank all of them for a week of fun. But what really sets the Seahunter apart from everything else I have experienced so far is the crew. Their professional service is excellent, and I could always feel that their friendliness comes right from their hearts. I felt as a member of a big family, and I will miss them. Pura vida, mis amigos! Y gracias por todo! I will be back soon.

Click here to view some of the photos Uli took on the trip.

Andreas and Gabriele Baldauf Lindenberg, Germany
Because we are Cocoholics we couldn`t resist to come back for a second trip this year, and as always, we had a great time onboard Seahunter. Sealife was amazing. We saw many hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, Blacktips, Silkies, eagle rays and the marble rays were everywhere.

We were lucky and our panga saw the whale shark too. We dived within big schools of fish. It was really worth it to come back . A big “Thank You” to all the fabulous crew of Seahunter, who made this trip again unforgettable for us. They work so hard that everything is so perfect for the guests. We will miss you but we will be back very soon. Every day at home is one day less till our next trip to amazing Cocos island.
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Maria Graciela Cadenas Caracas, Venezuela
Los felicito por ser tan especiales con todas sus atenciones que han hecho de nuestra estancia en el Sea Hunter inolvidable. Gracias por ser tan valiosos y tener un barco tan comodo que es todo un placer viajar con ustedes.
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