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Irene Man and Dan O’Donnell Hong Kong, London, and Vancouver
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This is our second trip to Cocos and magical trips like this come only too rarely. This is as closer as we have been to a liveaboard in heaven. Everyone seemed to have a permanent smile on their faces as everything seemed to work perfectly. The boat, the diving, the operation, the meals etc. Juan Manuel, the cruise director, really made us laugh all the way, with his entertaining, funny and amusing ways. I don’t think I have laughed so much on any dive trips. He is one of the best dive masters we have had the pleasure to dive with, and his support team were a perfect combination.

I was so surprised that Manuel took out a towel with the words ‘Irene 900 dives in Cocos’ on our last dive. This was so sweet. We have seen so much – hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, silkies, and of course an infinite amount of white tips. That and big schools of jacks, snappers, sea bass, as well as tunas, turtles, eagle rays, marble rays coming out like flies, mobulas and mantas. This was really memorable.

Thanks so much to the Sea Hunter crew for making this so wonderful.

Alice Lonfat-Chu Geneva, Switzerland
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Alice with the Sea Hunter crew during the bbq party!
I was last on Sea Hunter in 1998/99 same year end cruise. I must say that Sea Hunter has now become the state of the art liveaboard. It was great. Fantastic crew (as always) but with great humor this time, Cruise Director, Juan Manuel, kept us entertained the even with his DVD lecture on sharks and rays and of course underwater when he came up with a flag saying Irene’s 900th dive, during our last safety stop.

Juan Manuel also found Lorenz’ dive watch which he dropped at Manuelita Outside. The whole crew (including the chefs, mechanic, skiff drivers etc) did their own samba floor show the last night before we sailed back.

All I can say is that this was the liveaboard where I laughed most, above and under water. Of course we saw everything that was promised: countless hammerheads, Galapagos and silky sharks, eagle rays, mantas, marble Rays, the red-lip batfish and of course gzillion white tips. We also were in a feeding frenzy at Viking Rock with sharks, tunas and jacks.

Thank you, Sea Hunter crew!

Judith Laws Switzerland
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Judith at the wheel.
It was a great trip. The staff was so cheerful. The dives were fantastic. I would like to come back on this boat to have the experience once again. Thanks to everybody.

Yasuko Murakami Japan
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Thank you all the crew and a wonderful group of people. At first, I could not speak English fluently, and I found there is only one Japanese, therefore I became tenseness very much. however the crew who were funny and cheerful relaxed me easily.They always spoke to friendly or tried to smile gently, it was a very pleasant the live aboard .Thank you so much for all of your kindness in everybody's asking condition, took me a medicine when I am troubled by seasickness.

Thank you to Cruise Director Juan Manuel, I appreciated your special efforts in training me, in spite of language barrier. I really enjoyed the training course and I had a fabulous time diving with you. Thank Mark, because of you I was able to relax because while I was diving I was always watching you. There were so many great memories from the trip, like dancing samba at the New Year's Eve party, warming up at the Farewell Party, and being Inspired by the moonlight which looked beautiful reflecting off the sea, and the beauty of the setting sun which there is not with some one or another, gathered for the deck, and was seen ... full impression, full smile being carried out, and, Although the inside of the sea was also marvelous. I will never forget the time spent with all of you.

This is the first time that a sense of togetherness was felt like this with foreign people. It was the most impressed I have ever been with a Live-Aboard I have ever experienced. Cocos Live board is NO1!

Thank you so much!


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