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Helena Li, Samuel Lam, and Manuel Sam Hong Kong and Boston, MA
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Our sixth trip to Cocos and undoubtedly the best since our fabulous 2007 trip. We are most thankful to God for blessing us with a great trip, to the outstanding crew of the Argo and the DeepSee for the great service with a happy face, and to our friends who joined us from afar on this dive trip.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in the words of our friend Lisa N., Cocos never ceases to amaze with something new. First time and veteran Cocos divers alike were wowed on this trip. Never mind the whalesharks, tigers, manta, wallpaper hammerheads, whitetips hunt, big fat Galapagos, and eagle rays, ….we’ve (sort of) grown to expect them in Cocos. What was most awesome this time were the huge school of hundreds of large yellowfin tunas in Punta Maria that stayed with us and allowed us to swim in their midst, the two silkies that followed the tunas weaving their courtship dance around our legs, the school of 15 mobulas at Manuelita Outside, and the never-ending river of bigeye jacks at Manuelita Channel flowing upwards into a sunlight-eclipsing fish cloud that rivaled the bigeye jacks cloud that Dirty Rock is known for.

We are also most gratified and proud that our record of successful deflowering whaleshark virgins in Cocos remains unblemished. We are deeply saddened, however, that fishermen continue to encroach and exact a toll on shark populations in Cocos, and exhort government and park officials to increase efforts to preserve the waters around this paradise that is Cocos Island, not necessarily by further curbing diving activity, but by stopping the fishing.

Mr. Elton KK Chong Monterey Park, California, USA
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This is my 2nd trip to Coco Island, my first trip was in July, 2007.

I saw the whale sharks twice in 2 consecutive dives ( Dirty Rock, Punta Maria)); they are probably mother and daughter. The mother is about 15 m in length, and the young one is about 7 m. The young whale shark played with us for about 10 minutes at 15m depth.

I also saw the tiger sharks twice on the 1st day, and the last dive of the last day of the trip ( Maneulita). The tiger shark cruised by, and I chased it within 2 m . That was a close encounter.

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