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Bernard Radvaner Paris, France
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Thank you so much to the whole team of the undersea hunter!
What a fabulous week, whale sharks, hammerheads every dive, humpback whale underwater, Galapagos sharks, it was like a parade! On top of that on board was real luxury with nice crew always pampering you with small attentions, nice food and professional planning of the day.

Divemasters were excellent, knowing the dive sites on the top of their fingers with always a big smile! It is a big adventure to travel to cocos, but you feel in such good hands that nothing is can happened to you! I hope I will come back for more adventures in the near future!

Happy Bubbles

Wanda Federici Buochs, Schweiz
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Celebrating Swiss Independence Day from Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Die Tauchferien auf Isla del Coco waren sehr eindruecklich und werden ein Leben lang tief in meinen Errinnerungen bleiben. Jeder Tauchgang war speziell. Vor lauter Fischen wurde einem fast schwindlig. Ich habe noch nie so viel Leben unter Wasser angetroffen wie rund um Isla del Coco. Bei jedem Tauchgang sahen wir Hammerhaie und Weissspitzenriffhaie und 1000-ende Fische in allen Farben.

Delfine tauchten mit uns, ein riesiger Walhai schwamm drei mal an uns vorbei und wir hatten auch das Glueck, mit einem Buckelwal samt Kalb zu schwimmen. Ich bin von der Unterwasserwelt rund um Isla del Coco sehr beeindruckt und fuehle mich geehrt, dass ich die vielen Tiere in ihrer Welt besuchen durfte. Interessant war auch, dass die Haie ( Tigerhai, black-tip und white-tip- shark sowie Galapagoshai) so nahe an uns heran schwammen.

Konfort und Versorgung auf dem Schiff (Argos) war exzellent. Sehr abwechslungsreiche Kueche und aufmerksame Mitarbeiter. Auch die dive guids machten einen guten Job.
Wichtig ist zu wissen, dass dieser Trip nichts fuer Anfaenger ist. Zum Teil starke Stroemung und Temperaturunterschiede unter Wasser.

Victoria West Houston, TX USA
Wonderful week of diving. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Cocos is far more than just sharks….. with a very healthy reef system containing huge schools of fish and countless critters. Cabins were spacious and well appointed. Food was great and service 1st class. The professionalism of the crew really stood out from the waiter to the dive masters. Everyone gave 110%, always with a smile. I hope to return to Cocos soon and I would definitely book the Argo again.
Jaime Garcia Puebla, Mexico
Excelente viaje a uno de los lugares mas extraordinarios de este planeta!!
Fue una semana llena de aventura, adrenalina y consentimiento por parte de toda la tripulación del Argo de Undersea Hunter, en verdad pasamos 7 días en el barco más lujoso y más cómodo que existe en el mercado.

Esta fue una experiencia que se quedara grabada en nuestra memoria por siempre y definitivamente es un viaje que esperamos repetir en un futuro.
Quiero felicitar a todo el equipo del Argo, ya que hicieron de esta vacación una experiencia inolvidable!!

Nos vemos pronto!!!!

En el inter…….. PURA VIDA!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Finn Sausalito, California
Cocos Island is like a different place in time. White terns and red footed boobies nest here, and when in flight, contrast against the deep green, tropical trees and cascading vines; the frequent rainfall keeps the 200 waterfalls flowing. But the underwater life is truly astonishing; enormous schools of brightly colored fish create underwater walls and tornadoes of silver.

The excitement of seeing whale sharks was only eclipsed by a school of hammerheads floating in the distance. Hammerhead cleaning stations are now my favorite places in the world—small Barber fish wait for these sharks to pass by, and then accompany them, cleaning as they go.

Tiger, Galapagos, Silky, Silver Tip, Black Tip and White Tip Reef sharks, as well as marbled and eagle rays are common sightings here. It’s so beautiful here it breaks your heart that sharks are so misunderstood and hunted worldwide. Only in a few sanctuaries like Coco Island can you see large groups of sharks. This is truly the trip of a lifetime. The dives are deep and the currents strong, so the dive masters have their work cut out for them, keeping people safe from the conditions, and they do a wonderful job.

As well, the boat drivers are all seasoned mariners and everything was kept in excellent shape, running well, and I had complete confidence in their abilities. The meals included lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the main dishes were varied and nicely presented. There’s a cappuccino maker on board, and after each dive, platters of fresh fruit and empanadas are set out. This is truly the trip of a lifetime. It will change how you see the world.
Sl Lin Singapore
Tiger sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks and the omnipresent white tip reef shark – diving in Cocos island is everything a dive junkie could ask for! Add in good food, great company and the excellent service on the ARGO and it was a trip to remember.
Stephanie Helleman Paris, France
Where to start!!!!!

A longtime dream that came to be real! This trip has been great, I felt honored to be under the water in Cocos, invited by all that beautiful nature!! Those hammerheads, so curious and majestic! It was made possible by the professional staff, dive masters that were reassuring and diving with positive energy and good vibrations all the way!! The healthy food made me ready for the day and days to come. Followed by a comfortable boat ride even though the conditions were quite rough thank you captains!! Care was being taken all the time at all levels and that made the trip very precious!!

Thank you so much for this memorable experience. My necklace and other goodies we received will stay close to me!
Big hug to all of you

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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

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