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Christine Plessl FRANCE
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Christine Plessl, FRANCE
Unforgettable live-aboard to Cocos Island where the best attractions are natural. This Island is fascinating above water and magic undersea: hammerheads, dolphins, mantas, turtles, sharks (white tip, black tip, silkys), eagle rays. We don´t forget one of the best moments, the whaleshark 12 meters long and so gentle and calm. Thank you to the Undersea Hunter who make this possible. The crew is 200% perfect and I really want to come again to enjoy this perfect moments with the nature again.

Blue Team
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Blue Team
We traveled for diving to many places in the world last 7 years. Our safari to Cocos Island is one of the best. The crew of “Undersea Hunter” is so professional and so friendly. Thanks a lot. We are happy and will recommend the trip to Cocos with “Undersea Hunter” to all our friends.


Gold Team
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Gold Team
I had have so nice great time with excellent staffs of Undersea Hunter and with International friendly diving guest from the world. Would you please accept my best regards. Untill April of next year. As I have to continue our long world trip.
I regret that I can not to see WHALE SHARK ! ----Jimbei, avoid no deco.
I am looking forward my next visiting Cocos, near future.
Jumpei Imaeda, Nagoya, Japan

Today is 36th day of traveling. Total days of our (Mr. Imaeda & Me) this trip is 148 days. Still beginning. But I’m worry about this trip, because Cocos Island is too nice. So I’m gonna put this Cocos memory to deep my memory. I will fun, when finished this trip. That’s my most important things. Thank you very much for everything. Thanks crew. Thanks Isla del Coco.

Keizo Asano from Japan

Wir kamen mit grossen Erwartungen und (zumindest Christine) auch mit leichten Aengsten: wuerde die Stroemung zu stark sein? Wuerde man seekrank sein? Was blieb, war reine Freude: die Crew stets freundlich und hilfbereit, die auf dem Flug verloren gegangene Tauchausruestung wurde ersetzt, aber vor allem: jeder Tauchgang war wunderschoen! Auch die interantionale Gaesteschar verstand sich praechtig. Als am letzten Tag nach zahlreichen Hammerhaien noch ein Walhai auftauchte, war das Glueck perfekt! Wir danken allen – und wir kommen wieder!

Franz und Christine Waldhoer aus Rosenheim, Germany

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