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Vincent Plattner Berlin, Germany
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As I was a kid I always wished to see real Dinosaurs in the Jurrassic Park from the movies. After diving Cocos with the Argo and getting close to Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks and many more pig pelagics in the most beautiful and pure wilderness, I can say that my childhood dream came true. There is propably nothing coming closer to Jurrassic Park then Isla del Cocos!

Rick & Jenny Boughton Zhang Guangzhou China
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We dove a variety of dive sites around Cocos all of which were good as regards marine life,visibilty varied from good to average. Predominately we experienced hammerhead , white tip black tip ,silkys and a whale shark! We were very fortunate to have two superb dive masters on each dive Roy and Hector who when we had no pelagics to video went to geat deal of trouble to find alternatives such as schooling big eyed jacks and lobsters etc. Hector was always keeping a close eye on us when diving finding small fry to video and was particulary helpfull on board as well. He always carefully managed my wifes Gates Housing and Red scarlet weapon camera both taking it on and off the skiff and placing it in the rinse tank as it is quite heavy 20kg. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to dive with as was Roy . My wife and I dive from liveaboards at least 3 times per year worldwide ,as far East as Cocos Galapagos and as far west as the Red Sea. Argo and her crew are exceptional! The captain dive director Deep sea pilots chef and the crew worked together superbly. We would rank the crew and Argo as one of the best if not the best liveabord vessel and crew we have ever dived with highly ,recomended for experienced divers seeking the ultimate in liveaboard diving. Last but not least Argo has Deep Sea submesible on board and the experience of diving to 310 metres with pilot Arik and support from Frederiko , Mono should not be missed. Thank you all guys we will defintely be back to dive with you again. We have explained earlier how im pressed we were with all sevices and faciltieson board. With such an excellent group of people it is difficult highlite any person or service. Vessel excellent Crew superb Food fantastic (likley gained 3kg !) Juan Manuel both entertaining and professional Hector to be commended for his attention to detail both whilst diving and on board We shall be back as soon as we can secure a booking on Argo that fits our diving schedule. Rick & Jenny

Pierre Julien Paris, France
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Plongée avec un requin baleine à Alcyone. Excellente organisation,bateau tres confortable. Fantastique!

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