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Barbara Milano Italia
© copyright by Sergio Riccardo
My favorite dives are Manuelita. Staff are very friendly, professional and excellent. The food are greate. Compliments for all staff. Thank you for this beautiful experience. I recommend this trip for all lovers of nature and diving. Thank you for this beautiful experience and i hope see you soon.

Gian Paolo Vanni San Miniato Italy
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
I' m a young diver with 200 dives. Its my first time in cocos and it was really crazy. I have learn a lot of things, the dive master Filipe he 's very professional and awesome person. During the last dive I change the time cause I felt a bad feeling about italian stress to chasing ammerheads. I got for my first time whale shark, blue marlin, ammerhead school, and curios tiger sharks. Also the silver tip it was realle cool into the blue. Favourite one it was, alcyone, summersible cave, manuelita out side, dirty rock also is really nice to. Everithings was perfect, I can not image much more. Really. But just one thing. I really would like to stay much time. Please bring me back to Cocos.

Cinzia Sassaroli Naples Italy
Hammerhead sharks. Whale shark. Tuna fish. Jack fish school. Dirty Rock. Manuelita Outside.

Patrizia Coli Roma Italy
© copyright by Sergio Riccardo
I loved every single dive. Full of life everywhere with hammerheads being always around and beautiful balls of jacks....just fantastic! It's been my first time....won't be the last!!! Everything went beyond expectation. Very professional staff, always polite and smiling. Variety of food and caring for every taste and needs. Everything you'll get it! I loved every single aspect of the trip. As a professional diver I would suggest to alway have at least 2 guides per group even on easy dive sites.

Orlando Di Muro Naples, Italy
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Many sharks and fishes everywere. Low visibility and current but wanderful dives. Excellent divemasters but only one is not enough for safety. Excellent staff, in every moment ready to satisfy every request.

Jay Certeza Philippines
© copyright by Sergio Riccardo
Cocos Island did not fail to deliver. Even on days with poor visibility you would see schooling Hammerheads and the occasional Tiger Shark, as well as the abundace of various fish species which was a delight to observe and photograph. The highlight for this trip was the Humpback Whale and her calf at Alcyone.

Everything was great Stefan was an excellent divemaster to our group. And i appreciate the emphasis on safety, from the dive breifing by Felipe to the planning. Stefan would even monitor every divers air consumption as well as take note of the most conservative dive computer in our goup.

Leopoldo Palomba Napoli, Italy
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Manuelita out side hammerhead whale shark

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