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Masumi Takamizu New York, USA
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We had an incredible check out dive on day 1 with a whale shark, manta and hammers! The water was a warm 81°. Dirty Rock was my favorite site. Hammers for miles. I look forward to coming back. I was overwhelmed with the kindness and professionalism yet plaufulness of the staff. Manuel stood out the most with his humor and creativity. He organized a fantastic Christmas party for the passengers but staff as well. I loved his story telling and sharing his knowledge about Cocos. In the beginning I wasn't feeling confident and Manuel made sure I was okay throughout each dive. I also want to point out Merlin was always in the back making sure no one strayed away. That also added to the feeling of reassurance that I was looked after. Kudos to the chefs who made each meal unique and delicious. They performed magic on the boat by even roasting two turkeys for Christmas.

Jill Bauer Fernandina Beach, Florida USA
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I was concerned about strong current, but the divemasters were very experienced and got us to the cleaning stations with little effort. I dove in a 3mm wetsuit all week and was very comfortable. The skiff drivers were very alert and helped us easily get in and put of the water as well as safely getting on and off the boat. We had beautiful sunny days and only a little swell the first few days of diving. Excellent food. Fresh fruit with breakfast and snacks. Fresh vegetables and a varied menu for every meal. The Christmas Eve dinner was especially nice. The small party and gift giving which included the crew made our holiday away from home very special and much less lonely. The submarine crew were very skilled and very personable besides being very knowledgeable.

Glenn Suhd Los Angeles, CA USA
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This was one of the better boats I have been on. The crew was excellent. Divemasters, sub crew, drivers and kitchen staff were great. I greatly appreciate the Christmas party and the secret santa event. The Christmas turkey was just to die for. I want the recipe! Very professional and courteous. They explained things well and were very safety concious. Rudi was our driver to the Argo and he was a kick. Also, my lost bag was handled very well. Even though it was the airlines fault, Seahunter did a great job getting my bags to me as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Melanie New York, USA
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Best checkout dive ever, we saw a Galapagos shark, a mobula ray and a whale shark. The trip just gets better with schools of hammerheads, eagle rays and marble rays. Plus JM and the crew are warm, entertaining and amazing. Crew was awesome, Juan Manuel was amazing, hysterically funny, the Christmas decorations and party were a fun surprise, and he made everyone feel welcome. He was also an amazing divemaster very good at keeping everyone visible and well within deco limits.

Robyn Russo New York City, USA
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I cannot compliment the crew enough. So professional, helpful and friendly! The best experience ive ever had on a liveabroad. I absolutely LOVED having christmas on the boat- it was so fun to decorate! My only recommendation is to get a massage therapist on board. You have the absolute best crew! My only advice would be to get a massage therapist. Chako was wonderful and so attentive to everyone! Manuel, Stefan and Merlin were AWESOME to dive with. Balin was also wonderful.

Yukako Yokota Tokyo, Japan
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Manuelita out when the visibility is good. Amazed with the knowledge of divemaster how and where to look for hummerhead sharks. I also saw many unique cretures which were unique to me. All great!! Great Christmas decoration and party!! Course director tried hard to keep the good atmosphere all the time. Food were always amazing and was very happy. All crew were working hard and very nice. I was bit scared after hearing tiger shark accident but with the strict rule to dive all together, protective manner of dive masters, etc made me very comfortable diving. Great experience! Once in my life experience! I wrote detail in the paper review so please refer to it :-)

Danielle Adjoubel Paris France
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Good underwater conditions, not much current. We saw 1 tiger shark ! Excellent staff, very helpful if any problems, good food, good boat and good dives

Frank Bonn, Germany
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Diving with the large schools of hammerheads was nothing short of spectacular, observing el tigre and the massive baitballs, frogfishes and marbled rays in abundance made this a very special experience. I really enjoyed dirty rock and manuelita outside. Divesites were well chosen and I enjoyed the early schedule diving at 7am. My overall experience was brilliant on board and I can especially highlight the fantastic team spirit, curtesy and funny atmosphere we enjoyed together with the crew. Food both warm and cold were almost too good not to gain a few pounds and sevice was 10/10! The crew took time to explain technical items on the boat and the sub and was always approachable and present to be apporached. DM really knew not only the divesites but also build good groups. Equipment was very well maintained and with a safety-first attitude. The program on board was really appreciated, very much including the xmas party, enjoying our starlight bbq and storytime with Manuel. Especially his character and outgoing spirit was great. Diving with Stefan was really perfect, good dive profile and making most of the available air/NDL. My recommendations would be to spend an extra 2-3 minutes before skiffs are taking off to give slower group members enough time to e.g. Check air and make buddy teams to jump on the same side in more challenging sites to allow buddies to assist each other during negative entries. Safety was never a concern and diving again a 10/10!

Paul Kesler Toronto Canada
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So many Hammerheads!!!! A fantastic liveaboard. Spotlessly clean great facilites and amazing crew. Very welcoming in a very real way. Truly friendly. Food is excellent and the variety and freshness is startling for the amount of time at sea. Everything just works. Diving was really great but even when it was not it was nice to have opportunity to look at smaller things that were not Hammerheads. Manuel is fantastic great director really gets the party going amongst reticent tourists. Also as a dive master he was flawless awesom dives great profile. Merlin also is brilliant I cant say enough good about him. Always there alway awesome. Chaco too it kills me cause i dont know how to thank him enough. As for the rest of the crew also really good and legitmately friendly, ie it does not seem to be entirley mandated friendliness, seems genuine.

Alexi Toronto Canada
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This is the place to see hammerheads! The crew are fantastic. A fabulous trip. Manuel, Chako and Merlin were fantastic. I always felt safe diving with Manuel and Merlin. Manuel was always looking for the best place to put divers and was always attentive to the divers. Merlin was always watching for safety. I loved diving with them. I did not feel that the other dive master had the same care and attention to divers. Roy and Manuel were fabulous on one dive when one of the divers got in trouble. They were right there assisting him immediately. Chako was fantastic. And I love his sense of humour!! I would suggest making some more information clear on the website or information that is sent. Reef hooks are not needed but gloves are. Also wine should be included and some information said it was. Manuel did a fabulous job with the parties - both Christmas and birthday. The crew are an amazing team and are simply fantastic as a team. I was a bit disapointed in the dive site choices for the last couple days. I would have preferred to go and see some variety instead of just dirty rock and alcyon. While those are great sites, I also really enjoyed submerged rock and dos amigos and would have liked to go back to those. Also I would have liked some more time at those sites to explore smaller life rather than only focussing on hammerheads.

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