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Levente GASPAR Budapest Hungary
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Perfect facilities, wonderful-helpful-professional-very friendly crew, amazing food! Just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Favorite dive sites Manuelita- Tiger shark Dos Amigos Pequena- hammerhead dirty rock- Galapagos shark

Kornel Kolossvary Eger Hungary
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Everything was excellent! Favorite dive sites Manuelita outside, M channel - Tiger shark, Galapagos shark, many many Hammerhead sharks. DeepSee submarine It was fantastic, like a space journey

Geza Horvath Germany, Osnabrück
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
The whole trip was awsome, with amazing divesites and excellent crew. The best underwater experience ever!! I'll back for sure. Excellent.

Istvan Sulyok Budapest, Hungary
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
I've been here at Cocos twice (2007 and 2013), so this was my 3rd trip. And the best one! Dirty Rock and Alcyone was my favourites earlier, but this week Manuelita channel and Dos Amigos small was the best sites. The cleaning station was in 20 meters depth at Manuelita, very good visibility with full sunlight, and the hammerheads came realy close to us. Dos Amigos small was also excellent. We were hiding near the cleaning station and hammerheads came from every direction. The was one with a hook in her mouth, an other big female with scratches and mating injuries on her body. Amazing dives! The crew is amazing, friendly, very good guys. The food is excellent, the chef must be nominated to Michellin star! :) Everything was perfect as usualy in your boats. This was my third trip to Cocos and I am 100% sure I will come back again! Thank you!

Csaba Sulyok Szolnok , Hungary
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
You are very lucky to have this excellent TEAM on the Sea Hunter! Everything is perfect. It was an incredible holiday.. Hammerheads,Galapagos and Tiger sharks ,but the whale shark...... No problem maybe next time!

Nikolett Revesz Kazincbarcikanok, Hungary
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Hammerhead sharks and Tiger shark with line at Manuelita Channel. :) Yes, staff, food, facilities and everythings! :) For the DeepSee, We saw the moon under the water. We also saw jellynouse fish and onather intresting fishes in the deep.

Viktor Kazincbarcika - Hungary
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Everything was good, I want to come back and stay with the same crew. 2 Amigos Pequeno - Hammerheads Manuelita channel - Tigers. DeepSee submarine It's more than fantastic to be below 300m. You have to go to the edge of light to know what I am talking about. :)

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