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Jasmine Bollier Affoltern am Albis Switzerland
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
The best divesites this tripp was Dirtyrock with a lot of Hammerheads in the blue and Smal Dos Amigos Hammerheads and Galapagossharks at the cleaning station.For me it's the best Crew ever!everything its clean and works excellent. Food is delicious. I come back the 7th time! Thanks for this wonderful expirience again!it's allways for me amazing to stay on the seahunter with the best crew ever and the great diving expirience.

Marcus Auwaerter Germany
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
The green jewel in the middle of the pacific, incredible dives, Dirty Rock was on fire this trip. On every single dive we saw Hammerheads, silky sharks and tons of white tip reef sharks. 2 Tigersharks, dolphins, mobula and eagle rays, and at the safety stop a marlin came to say hello. The last two days dirty rock was on fire, on every dive schooling hammerheads above and below us. The crew did an outstanding job the divemasters were incredible. Food was excellent. Hope to come back soon. Everything was perfect the crew did an amazing job!!!

Ari Und Markus Hilzingen, Germany
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
The best was small dos amigo and dirty rock! The staff was very frendly, the food was excelent and we are very happy.

Mike Stelter Braunschweig / Germany
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
I will never forget Dirty Rock and Manuelita. We have amazing Dives at this Places. Tigershark, Hammerhead, Whitetips, Silvertips and Blacktips.... Rays, Frogfish, Sailfish... It was a fantastic Week on the Sea Hunter. Thanks to the Guides and the Crew. Everything was perfect

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