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Manuel Sam Boston, Mass. USA
© copyright by Manuel Sam
My 7th Cocos trip and first since 2013. It was heartwarming to see familiar faces among the crew - Pepe, Luis, Pedro, and Felipe - and receive the same Undersea Hunter welcome and treatment we have become so used to getting. The entire crew upheld the long-standing level of outstanding service and hard work I first experienced in 2004 aboard this same vessel, and deserve my wholehearted gratitude. It was just as heartwarming to see that there are signs that measures to better control illegal fishing has had positive effects. The diving has started to offer glimpses of what it was like 15 or more years ago. Highlights were the iconic wallpaper hammerheads filling the field of view at Dirty Rock. My wet dream is to see all shark fishing in the migratory routes between the Revillagigedos Islands in Mexico and Cocos and the Galapagos. Then, hopefully on my 8th and subsequent trips, we will once again see Cocos in its full splendor.

Michael Leung Singapore
© copyright by Declan Madigan
Most memorable was the neverending hammer wall at dirty rock! Staff was the best i have ever experienced on a liveaboard!

Declan Madigan Ireland
© copyright by Declan Madigan
Incredible experience, marine life encountered during the trip far exceeded my expectations. Mantas, galapagos sharks, hammerheads and tiger sharks ensured an unforgetable week of diving :) First class food provided during the trip. Dive equipment (rented on board) and facilities on board were second to none.

Ronan Kelly Ireland
© copyright by Ronan Kelly
Alcyone is a fantastic site, Dos Amigos where challengng but woth it for the wild life encountered there. Staff are excellent and very professional, good is top quality and plenty of movies to keep you occupied during the long crossings

Diana Doll Glenealy, Ireland
© copyright by Diana Doll
Really loved all the dives, some where more challenging than others due to the currents, which is to be expected. Saw a wall of Hammerheads, which is what we were hoping for, an incredible experience. Amazing diving all around, the amount of life was simply stunning. Excellent experience, everyone was very friendly, food was delicious and the cabin was fab.

James Moloney Glenealy, Ireland
© copyright by Patricia Hubert
Trip was two years in the planning so I had two years to excitedly anticipate what was possible to see there... I was not in the least bit disappointed. It's quite a magical and special moment when you see your first, yes first, school of hammerheads. I could write pages and pages of all the other sea life that we experienced on every dive site - I'll leave that for anyone thinking of coming to Cocos Island - but as well as the hammerheads you will be entranced by schools of twirling jacks, turtles, reef whitetips, galapagous and tiger sharks, tuna, dolphins and the list goes on. If Poseidon is generous you may even see the magnificent whale shark. On the reefs there are also all the micro critters! Favourite dive sites... Alcyone, Lobster Rock and any of the Manuelitas! Excellent boat in every way...first class service and facilities. The staff were all extremely helpful and professional both above and below !

Kevin Phelan Dublin Ireland
© copyright by Kevin Phelan
I'm not going to bore you, you have already read above what I would say. In a nutshell, the whole trip surpassed my expectations. Don't hesitate, if you can scrape the $'s together just book it. You'll be long enough dead. :-)

Joe Tierney Dublin, Ireland
© copyright by Joseph Tierney
All sites were a unique experience. I personally enjoyed dirty rock and Alcyon. No site disapointed, there is something to see and enjoy on all dives. The staff were excellent, professional and courteous. From deck management to diving the service was top class. The beds are comfortable and the AC great throughout. Food was timely and tasty. The table service throughout the trip was excellent and always friendly and helpful.

Sherman Menlo Park, USA
© copyright by Sherman Tsao
Best Hammerhead action I have ever experienced! Dirty Rock= Wall of Hammerheads

Elena Athens, Greece
© copyright by Helena Li
Dirty Rock, Alcyone and the rest, for the endless stream of hammerheads but also a dolphin, manta schools of jacks and snappers. Excellent all round, and incredible staff.

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