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Andrew Martin St. Albert, Canada
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
I was amazed at the quantities and size of the marine life on these points. Seeing 5 different types of shark on a single dive was truly remarkable. Everything was great.

Ray Martin St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
The dive masters were amazing. All staff was amazing. Best liveaboard experience of my life and i have over 5,000 dives. Technical expertise was awesome. As a master PADI instructor i am overall very impressed. I would trust this staff over any other i have worked with.

Jenny Collister Portland,OR, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Undersea Hunter group stands out as true professionals with high standards in the industry.

Cocos always delivers the most exciting dives. The marine life is so abundant and unpredictable. Every dive is exciting! The staff is super attentive to every need. The safety on board and under water surpasses every expectation. I gained weight!

Marc Massari Torrance, California USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Manjulita and dirty rock were my favorites. Constant action kept us rivited. Hammers, silver tip, silky, tiger, manta, mobila, marbled, tuna....i can keep going. Everyone was great. Friendly casual atmosphere.

Kevin Kurtz Chicago, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Loved coming back to Cocos, was even better the second time! Lots of great dives, lots of sharks, lots of what we come to Cocos for!

I cannot say enough about the crew, everyone of them was professional, welcoming, and worked hard to make sure we had a great trip! Warm and friendly, no matter how busy they would stop to take care of us. They are the best!!

Daniel Post Brooklyn, NY, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Amazing hammerhead cleaning stations, silky shark checking us out, tiger sightings, huge schools of jacks to swim through. Everybody was very supportive and kind, helpful and engaged in making sure we were having fun and being safe. Food was consistently excellent and the facilities are sturdy and functional.

Colin Korchinski Edmonton Canada
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
The diving was excellect. Our blue skiff dive masters were very proficient and friendly. The marine life was fantastic with a great variety of sharks. The kitchen staff was amazing and very helpful with any requests.

Greg Baker Springfield, VA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Amazing dives with incredible numbers of sharks on every dive. On some dives I kept the video rolling the whole time because it was nonstop action. The whole staff was wonderful. The food was crazy good, and so much of it.

Mindy Herman Los Angeles CA USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
I came to see the hammers. The big hammer schools were incredible, So great to see them when they are not supper deep so you can spend a lot of time seeing their behavior. Great trip. Food was terrific. Crew took care of my unique needs. Divemaster and other crew were super helpful and friendly. Very fun, warm experience.

Yadi Chongqing, China
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Amazing, professional crew and incredible dives (and whale shark!). Will definitely come back! Super nice staff and professional crew. I want to special thanks to Hector who went out of his way and helped me after learning about the discomfort I had with my ears.

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