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Uta Altenburg, Deutschland
© copyright by Uta Kuenzl
Jeder Tauchplatz war faszinierend hinsichtlich Struktur und Artenvielfalt. Manuelita outside und Dirty Rock haben mich mit ihren Fischschwärmen besonders begeistert. Hervorragender Service an Bord und beim tauchen, sehr Sicherheitsorientiert, beste Organisation aller Abläufe -exellent.

Each dive site was fascinating in terms of structure and biodiversity. Manuelita outside and Dirty Rock have particularly excited me with their shoals of fish. Excellent service on board and while diving, very safety-oriented, best organization of all processes -exellent.

Karsten Meissen, Germany
© copyright by Karsten Wiche
All dives at any divesite was interest and exiting, Small dos Amigo was the most different things to see, all marine lifes are incradible for me. The boat looks and is clean, staff is friendly and professional, enought things on board for a happy time.

Justin Graham U.S.A., Kansas, Lawrence
© copyright by Justin Graham
For Cocos we had a somewhat ligth trip in terms of sharks, but the amount of other life was stunning. We did get a few close passes of Hammerheads and saw some schools in the blue. By far our best dive site was Dirty Rock - the sheer number of fish threre was incredible. We had schools that just went on and on. The ship is fantastic; everything was as described and in excellent order. The food was great, alawys ready and plentiful. I would like to particuarly recognize Sergio for his excellent work as both cruise director and dive master. He went above and beyond to ensure that operations were smooth, guest needs were met, and that everyone was safe in the water. Bookings: The office staff was great, they answered all my questions and helped me through a few payment processing issues.

Szabina Kisbenedek Hungary, Budapest
© copyright by Volker Ohmes
This is the wildest place I have ever been. My fav dive site was the Small Dos Amigos, I saw there the biggest school of hummerheads at the tour and many others in one place, and of course Manuelita outside where we saw the big TIGER 3 times. It was full of adrenalin, all our muscles were shaking. We well come back,sure, I think here are the best dives ever. The chef at the boat is the best in the world, very healthy food, we loved it! The ship was really professional. The staff was so helpful and friendly, I loved them, they make us laugh many times, and tried to solve the special requests.

Dr. Adam Mikofalvi Budapest, Hungary
© copyright by Lars Vollbart
Cocos is sure the best place I have ever been before. My favourite dive spots were Small and Big Dos Amigos. The most incredible marine life what I saw were the schools of hammerheads, the tiger sharks and whale sharks. With one word: excellent. All of the crew are very friendly, the food (Chef Luis and two Javier) was perfect. I can only reccomend it for every diver.

Mario Karlsruhe, Germany
© copyright by Mario Felsmann
All dives are awesome with lots of Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks and Marble Rays. Even Whalesharks passed by. But the best dives where on the last day at Small Dos Amigos and Dirty Rock with a lot of shark action - almost as they wanted to tell us: Come back soon and join us again, we are here waiting for you! Staff is always friendly and helpful, food was excellent.

Andras Meszaros Budapest, Hungary
© copyright by Maik Solf
On this trip Dirty Rock was the best because of the amount of fish around, and the bid school of hammerheads in the blue.

Hans-Peter Kolb Hannover, Germany
© copyright by Hans-Peter Kolb
It was wonderful, so many sharks, and in the end aturtle feeding from a sea cucumber. My favorite dive sites were small big amigos, dirty rock and manuelita channel. Everything was very good. I got help whenever I wanted or needed. The food was excellent, and there was nothing I missed.

Amber Lawrence, KS, USA
© copyright by Monika Breyer
Our trip was really special for the amount of action we saw from schooling hammerheads in the blue. We saw anhuge school almost every single dive for three straight days. One of those days, we probably swam out among them for almost half an hour. It was stunning. Some of our strangest and most incredible sightings were on the Deep-See Submersible, including hunting Jello-Nose Fish, huge Tunicates, and several things like Frog fish, Morays, and Scorpion fish much deeper than I imagined.

The ship, staff, and food are great. Our cabin was spacious and clean.The heads and showers are as good as on land, a first for me! The common areas are large, open, and comfortable for large groups. The staff were uniformly open, friendly, and approachable. All of them were happy to help meet any need or want at any time. Ema is indispensible on the panga: he was the glue that held everything together, always ahead of the game and aware of who needed what. He made the rides to and from sites very comfortable, even in considerable surge. He was generous with his time, too, and volunteered to work with Eduardo to braid a custom handle for my spouse's new camera housing. Merlin was great to have in the back of our group - I am still pretty inexperienced and he was always attentive and ready to help when I had trouble but he was never obtrusive.

Hector only dove with our group a few times but he was impeccable. He is a great dive guide and host who clearly cares about the guests. Sergio was outstanding in every way - he is very skilled leader a huge asset to the UnderSea Hunter Group. It is a rare quality to find a leader who can simultaneously present and maintain a clear, structured plan with high expectations and still make every guest feel truly heard, cared for, and fulfilled. And Javier is a gem

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