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Antonio y Esther
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La experiencia es fenomenal. El personal muy atento a todos nuestros requerimientos. La comida muy variada y bien preparada. Sitios favoritos: Small dos amigos Tiburon Galapagos y Tigre

Kris Russell Dundee, Scotland
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Lots of Tigers, amazing hammerhead close ups at the cleaning stations. School of hammerheads in the blue at Manuelita was incredible. Fantastic trip.

Fantastic, amazing divemasters and Pepe is a star.

Grant Russell Glasgow, Scotland
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Have to say both Manuelita Channel and Manuelita Outside were both incredible dive sites. From schooling hammerheads, at the cleaning station and out in the blue, to massive tiger sharks, galapogos and whitetips cruising along the reef. Amazing variety of fish including my favourite the frogfish which we saw two. Overall a fantastic place to dive but Manuelita was out of this world. Outstanding nothing else to say.

Pierre-Edern Stoltz Neuchatel Switzerland
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Full crew was amazing. Thank to all of them for these days on the boat (and the few french words!). Great! Manuelita sites were amazing during all the trip. Glad to have seen the seahorse and the mantis

Miquel Armengol Andorra
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Dirty Rock is a super dive spot, whatever how lucky you are. Manuelita can offers you the Tiger experience and also great hammerhead shows

Ramon CasabayĆ³ Girona, Catalunya, Spain
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Favourite dives: dirty rock and manuelita. Marine life: hammer head sharks and tiger shark. Excellent!

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