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Kirk Tampa Florida
© copyright by Jose Castro
Wonderful food and great staff. Felipe did a great job and with a terrific sense of humor. The Chef was amazing. The meat was always tender and juicy. Big thumbs up to Choco for all his wonderful hard work. Dos Amigos for the hammers. Manuelito for the Tiger shark. Very nice shark dives overall. Sadly, no turtles.

Sarah Atlanta, GA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
I liked Punta Maria for the jawfish and Dos Amigos for the hammerheads. The jellies during the safety stops were always a pleasure. All staff members were very helpful and had a great sense of humor, which made this my trip favorite by far.

Pooja Delhi,India
© copyright by GPSchmahl
The diving was awesome. There was something special to see on evry single dive. The mobula that hung out with us on the safety stop at Dos Amigos, the silkies that circled us at Punta M, the blacktip that came close, the tiger who swirled between us and the school of jacks, the hh schools.. these moments will remain etched in my memory forever. Stephan was like our genie. He made all our dive wishes come true. He was amazing. So was the rest of the crew. All in all, this was the best Cocos trip ever( ive been here 4 times before). Loved every single dive, every moment. "A religious experience"

Great wildlife viewing! Excellent ship, crew, equipment and food. Very accomodating food for dietary restrictions-- especially vegetarian options.

Elpis Chavez Heredia,Costa Rica
© copyright by GPSchmahl
Is a really pleasure share every trip with the crew, they always are willing to help. Thanks for all!!

Brian Chadwick USA
© copyright by GPSchmahl
My favorite dive was coming up from dirty rock on the last day when we swam through hundreds of hammers at the end in the blue. It was an incredibly beautiful experience and a fantastic way to end an awesome trip. I also loved the dive at manuelita when we saw a tiger shark. The trip was magnificent, and the crew was awesome. Everyone was amazing as they always have been. Like family, the kind you like!

Laura Kelleher USA
© copyright by Jose Castro
Stefan was our divemaster for almost the entire week. He was fantastic and knew the sites, animals, and their behavior very well. Our entire group knew that if we followed Stefan, we would be guaranteed an awesome dive with the maximium number of sharks and other marine creatures. He was knowledgeable, professional, and one of the best divematers i have ever known. It was a fantastic week! Thank you! Chacko was always looking out for everyone and greeted us with warmth everyday. Felipe was a terrific cruise director and the entire staff worked nonstop to make everyone happy.

Mark San Diego, CA
© copyright by GPSchmahl
Enjoyed the dive from Ulloa to lobster rock and on to silverado - haven't been there in years. It was a typically fabulous trip. Diving crew was helpful and attentive.

David Stoll New York City, USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
When a school of jacks becomes the intermission between fly-by hammers, you are in Cocos. Oh, and the juvenile tiger. The Argo is special in every way--layout, crew, convenience, comfort, and more. While I havent been on the Undersea Hunter, I have to feel sorry for the poor souls who aren't on the Argo. Everyone on the staff is awesome, but a special shoutout goes to Chaco, whose friendliness, enthusiasm, and hard work is boundless. He elevates a great trip to yet another level.

Karen Dreste New York, USA
© copyright by DeepSee
Great to see the schooling hammerheads at Alcyone Such lovely people. Chacko is particulaly gracious and serves from his heart. Estefon was a great dm: good lookout and sense of humor I am very happy to have experienced another dive trip with Undersea Hunter. What a great crew!

George Schmahl Galveston Texas USA
© copyright by GP Schmahl
I was helping TIRN on a research expedition to tag and track Hammerhead sharks. The most productive dive site for this purpose was Dirty Rock. Another great experience was diving with a school of hammerheads in blue water off Alcyone. All the dives were great. The vessel and crew was fantastic. Special acknowlegement goes to Chaco. I was on a previous cruise two years ago but he remembered me. He was a pleasure to have on the crew. Also great was Felipe. He is very knowledgable and i enjoyed his presentation on shark identification, especially the videos. Food was great too.

Todd Steiner Forest Knolls, CA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Lots of hammerheads. Lucky enough to see a galapgos sea lion! Alcyone is always my favorite, but Dirty Rock had the best hammerhead action on this trip. Thanks so much for another great expedition and all the help of the UnderSea Hunter family for help with our research expedition.

Julia Janicki Taipei, Taiwan
© copyright by GPSchmahl
I like the dives with a bunch of hammerheads. The last dive at Alcyone was great. People are great! The facilities are nice. Overall very comfortable. The kitchen staff are very accomodating and the food is delicious. And Chaco is great

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