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Jolyon Graham Dreifelden, Germany
© copyright by Jolyon Graham
Had great dives at Dirty Rock. Lots of Hammers. And manuelita gave the Tiger shark surprise! Had a great trip. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Was fun being here

Oded Baram Tel Aviv Israel
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Great diving, amazing marine life and a very accomodating crew. Saw every thing from hammerheads to tiger shark, lot of fishes and some rays. Very good staff, try to replay to every need. Friendly and profesional dive masters.

Imants Jansons Riga, Latvia
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Excellent trip. Combination of diving in Cocos with going down 300 m with submersible made this trip unforgettable. We were blessed with good weather and marine life (including close encounter of a tiger shark). Crew was absolutely professional. P.S. 39 hour crossing even makes it exclusive :-) The professionality of the crew is undeniable when handling any matters on board and while diving. At the same time they are super friendly and positive and would do extra mile to make your trip great.

Guy France Corsica
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Presque le manquait juste un requin baleine et «an french speaker......» Thanks you for every thinks for all. Maintain as it is......perfect

Tobias And Irenka Appenzell, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Sharktastic! Hammerheads passing through the cleaning station with marbled rays. 5m Tiger shark cruised through eyeballing us all reminding us who is the boss of the reef.... She was an absolute beauty. More hammerheads, then schooling hammerheads. In the blue mating jacks, some rainbow runners. To top it all as ascending to saftey stop galapagos sharks and silkies circling and a pod of dolpins. We were lastly watched by a brown cocos booby from the dsmb!!! Epic!

Food -excellent Staff - fun, easy to approach, yet safe and serious when needed Music during dinner would be lovely, also music played on diving deck pre dive while getting read

Christine & Dominic Uster, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
From Manuelita out into the blue, and all of a sudden surrounded by thousands of Jacks: fantastic! And jumping into the water at Dirty Rock showed us what Cocos stands for: the "river" and the "wall" - hundreds of Hammerheads all over! Simply great :-))

Comfortable and cosy, and spacious cabins. Dive deck due to the submersible a bit limited but okay. Food presented buffet style although corridor between dining area and the kitchen is not really large. Food incl. vegetarian options is delicious; we'd have loved to get a bit more local dishes, but quality was really good! Also small bites inbetween were appreciated. What could be improved is the cleanliness of the tables and floors on the lounge/resting areas. Cabins instead were always kept really clean. Stefan is keen to make the dives fun. Good job, keep it up this way!

Rolf Claudia Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Super staff with good teamwork, good humour, and very attentive! The food was very good, variable and served in a very pleasent way. Also we enjoyed the wake up with yoga lessons in the early morning. Diving with current was for us a specially experience we never done it before in this intensive way. We enjoyed most the dives at dirty rock, big dos amigos (arc) and corall garden. The most incredible marine species were the hammerhads and the frogfish.

Alexandra Zuerich, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Dirty Rock was my favorite site, hundreds of hammerheads and great visibility. Floating in the blue and new surprises every minute! Great staff, especially Stefan and Chako. Stefan has such an enthusiasm that the whole group has always good mood, and also the yoga classes he gives for free are great. Chako is a very amazing and gentle person and makes one feel like family or good friends, not just like clients.

Thomas Boettger Zuerich, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Friendlyness, engagement, spirit as a team, service was always great and the client is in best hand. Safety is always on first place.

Mirjam / Juerg Zuerich, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
We enjoyed that we had the dive sites exclusively and that we had a 'real' boat (not a zodiac). Our favourite dive site was roca sucia and luckily we twice saw the hammerhead schools. Very friendly and smiling staff; good vibes among the crew Stefan and Chako were exceptionally great Cabin size was very spacious, shower was strong ... Food was always very good, great choices and we loved the veggie options (we gained weight)...Cabins were always clean. Overall: We felt very safe and good taken care of by you guys:-)!

Lisa Paris, France
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
All dive site were amazing, with rich sea life and shark sightings on every dive. When the current was strong the divemasters were prompt to tweak the plan and keep us safe. Hammerheads where the star of every dive, as well as rays, other sharks, tunas, jacks and many more! I felt safe in all instances: current, tiger sharks ... Ive been diving with Felipe, Merlin, Roy, the captain and Stefano, all great divemasters! Thank you team The skiff drivers were always ready to help with the equipment and take us to sightseeing spots around the island. Making sure we enjoyed the underwater and land beauty of Coco.

As a vegetarian, the chef always made delicious options for me. The food was plentiful and varied! Overall the crew was very friendly and helpful. Chaco has a great sense of customer service and consistently pleased us with his smile and quality service.

The morning yoga was a very good surprise. Starting the day with a good stretch whislt enjoying Coco and the sun was perfect

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