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Afonso Wang Beijing, China
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Maybe Cocos is one of the most remote destination from China, but as soon as you entered the water seeing hammerheads storm, family of dolphins and wild whale sharks even in the first dives, you know all the effort you made to reach the island is worthy. Above this the submarine experience is unique and important supplemental for scuba, because not only the depth but also the location of dive sites and water conditions are different from scuba diving sites. Can say there are 3 distinct Cocos islands, one for land trek, one for scuba and one for submarine.

Carolina Ramirez Costa Rica
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
It was the best personal and dive experience of my life. The crew was absolute helpful, knowledge and fun. The Argo is full of good energy. The dive sites choices was very acurate and amazing, my favorite was dirty rock where i saw a wall of hundreds of hammer heads, but also mamuelita with whale shark, tiger shark, frog fish, black tip shark, white tip, silky and galapagos shark, everything!!! The cabina was super confortable with all the facilities and more. And the food was delicios, a combination of home food feeling and also a great variarity. Thank you very much for everything, i will keep this experience in my heart forever!

James Field San Francisco, USA
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
I came to see schooling hammerheads and was not disappointed! Great pelagic action all around. The ship was safe, comfortable and courteous with a bonus submarine.

Dixie Dean London, England
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Dirty Rock and Manuelita choral garden were our favourite sites. Schools of Hammerheads, whaleshark, Galapagous shark. The marine life was amazing and we saw sharks on every dive - fantastic diving. The staff were fantastic, they tried to cater for your every need. Phenominal experience would recommend it to anyone who loves diving and particularly loves sharks.

Becks London, UK
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Dirty Rock was just awesome on every dive. But in addition to the 'signature' schooling hammerhead dive, the whaleshark (on three different occasions - two snorkelling, one diving), were just amazing. Stefan was amazing dive guide with eyes that can see everything in the dustance where no-one else could! Pedro was so helpful, nothing was too much trouble; Phillipe could sell ice to the eskimos.... Food was great, so much of it and all the staff were super helpful. Roy was also a wonderfully calm divemaster. Skiff drivers also brilliant. Basically all the staff were fantastic.

Lynn & Julian Calvert Ely -United Kingdom
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
The entire crew were magnificent. They truly want you to have the best time ever. We did!!!! Diving was great best site Dirty Rock!! Deep sea experience will stay with us a long time. David our pilot was knowledgeable and made us feel very confident that we were in safe hands. Overall cocos island rocks. Excellent all the way!!! Dream team looked after us very well.

Cathy Rancho Palos Verdes CA USA
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Loved both dives at Dirty Rock! Schooling Hammerheads galore, jacks, huge tuna and more. My favorite site! The crew was absolutely amazing throughout the trip. Friendly, courteous, helpful and professional. Top notch! I would have enjoyed working woth some female staff memb ers as well. Enjoyed the yoga class and the salsa night too.

Elizabeth Ladonna Ann Idell Montgomery, Alabama, USA
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Alcyone, Dirty Rock, Manuleta. I love the hammerheads. Galapagos sharks, Whale sharks, and Tiger sharks. They keep me coming back. But I also enjoy being surprised by a mobula or pompano. Exceptional service, food, etc, etc. Great stuff aboard--yoga, salsa lessons, good company, and fantastic dives.

Catherine Molyneux Liverpool, England
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Loved the yoga! Becks and Lynne have just asked me to say that they loved it too but forgot to include it! Salsa class was brilliant! Stephan Roy and Felipe were fantastic guides. Stephan could spot so much through the murky water. He also has a wonderfully positive outlook and great to dive with. The chefs were friendly and always helpful I have a couple of comments which are constructive criticism below. I thoroughly enjoyed the livaboard

Fiona Lithgow Nelson, New Zealand
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
First time I saw Whale sharks and Hammerheads, so these were the prime sealife I was hoping to see and was not disappointed. Everything else was a bonus and the full 21 dives were the best. The boat and crew were professional but also fully engaging. The tenders were fab and the system of leaving gear on the tender was perfect and facilitated the trip. Sites were flexible with currents. All staff extremely friendly and helpful. Added bous was the early morning yoga on offer which was well appreciated. No complaints whatsoever on staff, ship amd facilities.

Simone Capuzzi Cambridge UK
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
I loved diving Dirty Rock cleaning stations and Manuelita sites. I had fantastic close encounters with hammerheads and I loved to see Yellowfin Tuna, Galapagos Sharks and smaller fish like bluefin trevallies or boxfish. It was great to see a group of 10 hammers overhead at Alcyone swimming fast after being scared by a tuna chasing other fish!

Really great staff, always nice and friendly. Flawless operations, great attention to details. Fantastic food, impressed with quality of cooking, especially meat. Best staff I met over all my liveaboards. I felt safe underwater and well guided. Nice ideas like yoga or the happy hour.

Veeraya Bangkok Thailand
© copyright by Ladonna Ann
Last day, all dives. Wall and floor of hammerhead. Gotto see silver, tiger, black tips, and galapagos sharks for the first time. Very accommodating, patience, friendly and courteous staff Great food, even I dont take beef, always have a special dish for me. Thanks Facilities are well maintained and clean. Very nice experience

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