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Matt and Cara Getz Arlington, VA, USA
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Cocos Island was the best diving we have ever experienced! Huge schools of hammerheads (sometimes hundreds!) on nearly every dive plus whale shark, tiger sharks, silkies, silvertips, blacktips, Galapagos sharks and marlin sightings! Dirty Rock was our favorite dive site, maybe even the best dive site we have ever seen :)

The Argo is the nicest boat we have ever stayed on (out of 5+ liveaboards we have done). The rooms are by far the nicest and most spacious we have seen. The dive deck and skiffs well equipped and organized. Every meal was fantastic and there were always treats and drinks available throughhout the day. Most notably, the staff was incredible! Everyone was so kind, accomodating and most importantly, fun :)

Katherine Cambs, UK
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
WOW!!! So many sharks, thousands of hammerheads also silkies, galapagos, black tips, white tips, a whale shark and a tiger :-) Thank you to Manual, Stefan and Roy for sharing the Cocos underwater world with me and for our skiff driver Olman for keeping us safe and looking after us on the surface. A great trip :-)
Everything was great, a comfortable spacious boat with friendly, helpful crew.

Samuel Barnett London Untied Kingdom
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Dirty rock!!! Hammerheads / Tiger sharks / Great Visability / Best place i have ever dived!!! Very helpful staff. Good range of food. Fantastic dive masters.

Ben Jenkins Welwyn Garden City UK
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Best weeks diving by a long way, so many hammerheads we didnt know which way to look! Guides are great. Favorite sites were alcyone and dirty rock. Crew were faultless, very helpful in every way. Food and facilities all good. The only way you could possibly top some of the best diving in the world.... A trip on the deepsee. Amazing experience. Never done anything like it before.

Gary Thomas Ware, England
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Amazing diving experiece! Fantastic marine life with once in a life time sightings of schools of hammerheads. Could not fault the choice of food and facilities. The crew were fantastic...freindly and extremly helpfull.

Jennifer Arnold New York City
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
This was my 17th trip to Cocos & I'm happy to say the magic is still there. The water is too warm & too little current but i saw more hammerheads this time than i have in years. Only at little Dos Amigos did i see them getting cleaned, but they were in the sand at Manuelita in waves of hundreds & not just the same ones swimming in circles. We spent half of every dive in the blue & that's where the dense schools came to check us out. But it's not just about the diving. Undersea Hunter still has the two best dive boats, crews, owners & staff & it remains the safest & best operation with the flexibility to adapt as needed. Juan Manuel is hilarious & our interaction with the crew is a large part of the charm of these boats. I'll be back. Thanks for a great trip!

Joshua Ward West Palm Beach, USA
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Dirty Rock was insane! Hundreds of hammers, Galapagos sharks, eagle rays, marble rays, whale shark, dolphins, black tip and thousands of fish! Best dives of my life. Everyone was top notch class. Food was great, ship runs smooth, staff is incredible, overall wonderful experience.

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