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Erin & Tim Minsart Green Bay, WI USA
© copyright by Shmulik Blum
All the divesites were great! We loved all the hammerheads, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks and tiger sharks!! The staff was extremely accomodating and friendly! They all love their jobs and it shows. The energy was always positive! The food was great and there was no shortage of hot water-something not all liveaboards can say!

Erwin Poliakoff Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Great dives with exciting pelagics. Fun and comfortable, great crew!

Karen Gladstone Santa Monica, California , USA
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This was my first time diving with pelagics.I didn't know what to expect. I was in in awe of everything. Having a whale shark swim by me was amazing. The staff was amazing.They were anticipating my every need and always looking out for me.

Neal Benjamin Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA
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I am 71 years old with two new hips and I love to try and out swim whale sharks. I was not disappointed. The staff was hired for their understanding of customer service. They delivered. Chico with help from Chako and Danny delivered outstanding food service. Meal after meal a delight. Stefan would start the day with yoga and get us centered. The dive crew would successfully find our sites, keep watch, find the sharks and bring us back. The skiff drivers would patiently follow and collect us. The engineer kept the ship and air conditioning working. The captain made sure the ship moved smoothly. Bringing it all together was Manuel. A cross between a CEO and broadway star he excells at keeping the guests "happy" and solving those minute by minute issues. Well done and Ever Forward.

In today's world where companies say they deliver an exceptional customer experience, the Undersea Hunter Group delivers.

Dennis & Winnie Moser Dallas. Texas. USA
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The dives were all great in there own way. Whale sharks, Hammerheads, white tipped,black tipped cevil rays and many, many Galapagos sharks. The large pelagics were everywhere. We were totally overwhelmed with the amount of large sea life. Our divemasters did a fantistic job putting us in the perfect viewing spots. Definitely our bucket list trip.

Our staff made us feel truly at home from the very start. They always had our safrty in mind and worked very hard to please us and make this a trip of a lifetime. Every single crew member worked as a team we have zero complaints and dont even have suggestions at how to make the experience better. JOB WELL DONE

John Damas Lemont, Illinois, USA
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I came to Cocos to see hammerhead sharks. What I saw was beyond my expectations! We literally saw hammerheads on virtually every dive. Added to the excitement were whale sharks, rays, Galapagos sharks, and a brief glimpse of a marlin and a tiger shark. Also, there was an abundance of marine life such as fish, eels and lobsters.

I have been on 23 liveaboard dive trips and I can honestly say that my overall experience on this trip was in my top 2. Only one trip in Indonesia do I rank better overall, but it did cost substantially more! Way more!! Overall' this was a fantastic trip in every way. Thank you for having such a well maintained boat and outstanding staff.

I must say once again what a fantastic staff you have on the Argo. Every one, and I mean EVERY one went out of their way to insure our trip exceeded our expectations. I would like to give extra special mention for our cruise director and dive guide Juan Manual, our waiter Chako and dive guide Stefan. They looked after all of us and saw to our every need. Finally, an extra, extra special mention for our cruise director, Juan Manual. I cannot begin to tell you what a treauure you have in this man. He truely did absolutetly everything he possibly could to make our trip the best it could be. Thanks again for a wonderful trip.

Sabine Templeton Kauai, Hawaii
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
Schooling hammerheads were the highlight of the trip- but overall the marine life accross all dive sites was absolutely incredible. What an absolute priviledge to dive around Cocos island. All thr sites were amazing but if i had to choose i would say the Manuelitas sites were my favorite :)
Every single crew member provided excellent service throughout the 10 day trip. Chef Chico and assistant chef Danny prepared special vegetarian options for me which was unexpected and very appreciated. Having soy and almond milk available was also very nice surprise. EVERY MEAL was lovely and i especially loved the fresh salad and homemade dressing offfered every day. The boat was absolutly SPOTLESS at all times, definitly the cleanest and most comfortable liveaboard that i have had the priviledge to stay on. The quality of diving and marine life exceeded my expectations, but by far the most memorable part of the trip was the incredible crew led by Manuel. He absolutely made the trip and we feel so incredibly lucky to have him as our cruise director. Everything was amazing and we cant thank you all enough for an unforgettable trip!!!

Thank you so much to entire crew of the Argos for making this an incredible experience. Cocos is a magical place and i hope to return soon! Pura Vida ❤️

John Chase Florence, AL USA
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Amazing sea life with great action at the cleaning stations. The staff was the very best. Juan Manuel was very entertaining and kept us well informed. The whole crew avtively looked for ways to make us happy and compfortable!

Clayton M. Barnhill Roswell, New Mexico USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Great crew make a dive trip. The Argo has a fantastic crew who put their heart & souls into their work. I took a submarine ride to 1000' feet and will always treasure the experinces of diving on the Argo.

The divemaster's quickly made any aprehesion disappear as they are very professional and the dive briefings were exceptional. I felt extremely safe on every dive. I enjoyed every dive and dive site. What could you not see; whale sharks, galpagos sharks, schooling hammerheads, tiger sharks, white tip & blacktips. How could a scuba diver ask for more......? It was a dream come true from my bucket list of worldwide dive sites.

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