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Catriona Maton Portsmouth, UK
My first experience and lots to see! Moderate visability and the instructors/guides were fantastic at breifing and pointing out life underwater. Hammerheads, Gallapagos, Tigers, eagle and spotted rays, morays, dolphins, just amazing . They also inspired a feeling of great saftey on the trip, in and out of the water. A good sized and comfortable cabin with toiletries provided. All the staff, front of house and behind the scene, went that extra mile to provide whatever you needed including special ginger tea! The standard of food was high, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and freshly cooked meat and fish. The inbetween dive snacks, freshly made pastries and fresh cut fruit with hot chocolate on cooler rainy days, were a plus. I have been very impressed with the standard of experience, humour, professionalism and support shown to the group. I gave been impressed with the saftey precautions that the Undersea Hunter management and staff have adopted and the human but professional manner with which they have interacted with our group.
Dan Chua Santa Cruz, USA
Our first dive at Submerged Rock was a top ten dive of my life. The hammerhead action was incredible. Alcyone, manuelita, and dirty rock were fantastic also. The most impressive were the tigers and big schools of hammerheads. The whole operation was incredible, top notch, amd very professional. Probably the best liveaboard experience i have had. I cannot thank the undersea hunter staff enough for the support they have given me.
Gordon Hum Walnut Creek, USA
Fantastic, friendly, on the ball staff. Could not ask for better treatment or crew. Food was varied and plenty, and good. Did not see fields of hammers, just have to come again. Great to see so many tigers and large schools of jacks and other schools. Each dive had different experiences and made for great anticipation.
Fred Tejada Scotts Valley, CA USA
The divemasters uncanny sense of finding animals of interest was outstanding! The ENTIRE crew is a hard act to beat! The crew on board are beyond compare... Who the heck has on-board laundry service?!? I cannot tell you how great I think this crew is!!

Dennis Hood Pleasanton California
Cocos Island was truly a life changing experience! Having wanted to visit my entire diving life it, I was not disappointed. Its stunning beauty and marine diversity have inspired me to do more and be more. Every dive felt like it was once in a lifetime experience that repeated over and over! We saw hammerheads, galapagos, white tips, silver tips,silky, and even tiger sharks! Every dive was an incredible experience. Mantas, Marble and Mobula rays were seen with dolphins, turtles, and every imaginable sea creature you could want to observe in their natural environment The crew of the Argo were the most professional and caring staff aboard a vessel I have ever encountered. the service was top notch and food was amazing. The Deep See Submarine experience exceeded expectations and seemed like you were on another planet. Cocos and Undersea Hunters Group have set a standard that will be hard to ever top! Cant wait to return, truly the best live aboard experience I have ever encountered.
Caitlin Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dirty Rock was my favorite site. There's so much life on that one small rock! The shark life stands out the most! So damn cool. Everyone was super friendly and it felt like we all became friends, the staff is one of the reasons why I want to come back eventually. (Obviously the diving too). You guys are the best! Ill be back as soon as I can afford to! Pura vida and I hope to see you all again! <3 :)
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