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Anja Wagner Frankfurt, Germany
© copyright by Shmulik Blum
This time we where very lucky at Alcyone, we saw a river of hammerheads, dolphins, big yellow fin tunas, silky and blacktip sharks, on top a playfull octopus. At Dirty Rock we played with the big eye jacks and shure, there also where hammerheads. The submarine dive to 300 m was my highlight on this trip. Thank you, Underseahunter group for 10 unforgetable trips during 14 years, I am back next year. The most profesional operation in diving I know so far. Excelent food, very good crew and a 5* boat.

Kevin Palmer West Palm Beach FL , USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
The hammerheads were as enchanting and ephemeral as always. Tha Galapagos and Tiger sharks keep getting bigger. The schooling jacks are massive enough to get lost in on several dive sights. The yellowfin tuna appear like silver missles when least expected. But when you need to catch your breath, the marble rays glide serenly by in their own aquatic dance. And it is always worth looking down - the endemic Cocos blue banded gobby and Cocos wrasse are not to be missed. There is still no place else quite like Cocos!

Tuna Sao Paulo-Brazil
© copyright by Shmulik Blum
Alcyone dive site one of my favor!!! Lots of marine life and lots Sharks!!! Overhaul!! One of the best livebord for me!! Keep up the good work!!!! The whole crew works like a clock!! This is a very good way to do so. Keep it up, great job

Terri Roberts Jupiter, Florida USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Most all of our dives involved sharks. Some close, which were fantastic and some farther away. There is quite a team effort here and it shows! Staff was excellent!!! Food was terrific. Facilities were great. Amazing, fantastic, other wordly, trip of a lifetime!

Renilde & Ivo Cheyry France / Geneva Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Love school of hammerheads in the blue and all other marine species especially octopus. Staff super friendly! Jaco is so nice and curtious and thanks to Felipe for bringing up some sparkling water!

Jeff Caplow Bethesda MD USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
All the staff and were so polite and couteous it was great. Virtually all of them seemed to like what they were doing, and when thats the case that shows in the quality of their work and reflects on how well other aspects of the operations are run, and in the care for empoyees, guests, and product. Thank you all for an outstanding experience for my vacation

Benedikt Montreux, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
The density of wildlife is so enourmous. Possible to see lots of pelagic fauna in almost everydive. Challenging dives with currents and big surf, the divemasters are present and supportive. The staff is very friendly, present and helpful all the time. The boat is luxury and everything has been thought of. food is very variable and tasty.

Tommy Thompson Las Vegas, Nevada - USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
First time to Cocos. Overall experience was very good. DM's knew the sites and were pretty accurate in what to expect, and had suggestions for alternate plans at the bottom. I would definitely come back if the opportunity arose. Alcyon, Little Dos Amigos, and others, all had something interesting to see. Ship is great, crew as well. Really enjoyed my time on board.

Rob Dion Yamhill,USA
© copyright by Shmulik Blum
Since my first trip in 2012 I tell other divers that the Argo & crew is the best I've experienced

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