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Mariano Castro SJO Costa Rica
© copyright by Felipe Chacon
I had one of the best dives of my life in Alcyone. Hundreds of hammerheads, tuna and even a dolphin. The crew is very friendly. Dive masters are incredibly professional. Everyone worked hard to make this trip an amazing experience.

Helen Maidstone, England
© copyright by Felipe Chacon
The room was lovely, big enough for myself and my brother to share without getting in the way. I had the top bunk The dive boats were great, as were the dive staff and the boat captains, everybody was so helpful, not making you feel like you don't know how to dive properly. The main boat staff was equally good, everybody has a smile and wants to help. Its difficult to choose a few people to mention because everybody was so good. Our room was looked after so well. I couldnt make a bunk bed that well. Always clean warm towels after diving. The complementary fish id card was great with additional ID books specifically for the Cocos Island If I could find a fault it eould be the lack of a coral, plant and invertebrate id book for all the other wildlife to be found on the Cocos Island Thank you to all the crew for making me feel so welcome and looking after me soooooo well Thanks. My favourite dive was Pajara. It had the most variety of sealife.

Richard Glanville Little Burstead, UK
© copyright by Felipe Chacon
Every dive was great, but one of our dives at Alcyon was outstanding, we saw a Black Tip, hundreds of schoolong Scalloped Hammerheads, and a dolphin hunting small fish along with several Yellow Fin Tuna and some juvenile Hammerheads. The food was outstanding, and the crew were unfailingly helpful, polite and friendly. The rooms were spotlessly cleaned and maintained. Both divemasters, Stefan and Felipe, went out of their way to ensure our diving experiences were as good as they could be. I found them to mbe immensely experienced, friendly and still as excited by finding cool things for us as if they were on their first trip!

Leo Kiev, Ukraine
© copyright by Felipe Chacon
Dirty rock is by far the best site. It is evident by the amount of sharks specifically in that site. A new hammerhead was coming almost every 10 seconds. I have also seen a turtle (what is considered rare here) and a big pile of grey jacks, which is especially cool if they surround you, and I was able to see that). Staff is amazing for a specific reason. Not only the quality in whatever their job was (very grateful to the chef, the skiff drivers, the divemasters) but they also were very engaging, positive, and, basically, weren't those boring robots.

Todd Steiner Forest Knolls, USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon
Excellent. Another amazing experience at Cocos. It never ceases to amaze after 27 trips. The best!

Steve Peletz San Francisco, Ca, USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon
Alcyone, Manuelita and Dirty Rock were excellent with hammerheads, tigers, Galapagos and white tip sharks along with dolphins, zebra and moray eels, boxfish, and octopus. Always different but with familiar topography, I enjoyed all the sites on this, my fourth visit to Cocos Island. We also enjoyed the manta, mobulas, eagle and marble rays, schools of jacks and more. Great organization, wonderful food and excellent team. The crew does an exceptional job! Thanks to one and all. Pepe, Roy, Stefan, Felipe, Chako, Mosquera, Chico, Olman, Danny, Dennis, David, Yuval, Mono!

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