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Paul Rose Geneva Switzerland
© copyright by Federico Pochet
We love working with the Argo team. If it were possible we would use Argo for all of our expeditions. The DeepSee, as always, has been a superb tool for our science and media. We love Undersea Hunter. See you again soon.

Chris Thompson Perth, Australia
© copyright by Federico Pochet
We had an amazing expedition and saw some incedible underwater wildlife from sailfish, dolphins and huge schools of snapper and grunts to alien looking planktonic species in the offshore sites. The crew and onboard experience could not have been better. Every day the crew would help with anything and always with a smile.

Odalisca Breedy San Jose, Costa Rica
© copyright by Beatriz Naranjo
My diving was for scientific research. We did assesment of coral reefs, gorgonians and biodiversity hot spot. The most diverse place in terms of gorgonians was Bajo Diablo in Isla del Canno about 16 species in a small area. Other dives arrond Corcovado were unexpectedly diverse, although in places with high sediments income, about 8 species in one 3m long rock. Very good experience and data. Very professional and expert staff. They were always willing to help in everything. The DeepSee is an exellent means for scientific research. We obtained data about places that noboy has seen before. Great experience.

Steve Spence Washington DC USA
© copyright by Federico Pochet
Dolphins dolphins dolphins! Thousands of them. It couldnt be better. We are a huge demanding crew and the argo team rocked it! The DeepSee was fantastic. The seeps are incredible

Beatriz Naranjo Costa Rica
© copyright by Chris Thompson
It was a great science and filmmaking NatGeo Pristine Seas expedition exploring the South Pacific of Costa Rica. The facilities of the Argo and the help and kindness of all the crew made the experience even better. We dove with manta rays, sharks and turtles, conducting scientific surveys that will allow the protection of this paradise. We explore offshore blue waters full of amazing planktonic creatures. We also used the DeepSee submersible and went down to 450 m studying snd documenting the deep around Osa Peninsula, Cano Island and really cool methane seeps full of bubbles and interesting animals. I really appreciate the help of all the Argo crew, I spent three weeks full of adventure and the most friendly environment thanks to the!

Everything was great. Argo was my home and scientific laboratory for three weeks, with all the facilities we needed and even more.

DeepSee: We conducted scientific surveys on unexplored deep waters of the South Pacific of Costa Rica, I saw mobulas, scorpions fish, batfish, conger eels, jellyfish, crabs and shrimps, an ususual angel shark that I was wishing to see since long time ago, and many other interesting creature where there is no light at all. The experience on the sub is ine of thr most amazing experiences I ever had.

Kyler Abernathy Washington D.C., USA
© copyright by Federico Pochet
The crew was without fail friendly and helpful. Every need was taken care of quickly and well. The boat is very comfortable while still being a good working platform. The food was excellent, thought I probably ate too much because of this. An excellent trip.

On the DeepSee I did a quick fish survey for the science program. We saw quite a few small benthic fish, a small moray and a sleek little shark. The pelagic invertebrates in the water column were spectacular.

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