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Dimitris A - Chris - Moti - Yitzik Greece -cyprus -Israel
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Hammerhead-tiger-rays and mantas and the amigos dive sites. Excellent. Everything were great, great people and atmosphere.

© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
The best dive site was small dos amigos, we had whale shark, galapagos and tiger shark. At a certain point you neither know where to watch cause of such an activity.

The food was great, the courtesy of the staff incomparable. Can't conplain about anyone or anythings. Everytings was in my expectations.

© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Totally unique diving, so happy to be here. Dive masters were fantastic. They paid attention to everyone's well being on the dives and were also always pointing out sea life. Exceptional dive masters! Felippe was a great coordinator! He accommodated all kinds of requests no matter how challenging and always had a ready smile. He also clearly loved the dives.

Laura Zurich, Switzerland
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
It was the best expirience I ever made in my life! Excellent. Felt like home!

Sabrina Germany Oldenburg
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
The first couple of days i was obsessing with seeing a tigershark but had no luck. When the big moment finally came i couldnt have pictured it more beautifully. She slowly came up from the depth swimmimg towards me and i will never forget looking into these dark eyes for the first time when she was approaching. She then slowly turned just in front of me, showed off her full beauty and descended again on the other side. I completely forgot everything around me, it was just perfect.

The staff was really nice and welcoming without exception, food was delicious and the boat is surprisingly spacious. Overall it was a great experience.

Jason Honolulu, Hawaii USA
© copyright by Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Small dos amigos for big stuff, coral garden for rexaling dive. Whale shark was the ultimate highlight. Then the tiger shark and galapogos shortly behind, mostly because of how close they would come. Very friendly and welcoming staff. I always felt as i was in good hands with both the dive masters and skiff drivers! Thank you for your contiued support of the Coco's tide gauge and I very much look forward to my next visit. Pura Vida!!

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