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Aubry Damon Olivier Sait Maur France
© copyright by Becky Schott
Favorite dives: Hunting dolphins in big eye jacks and big manta

Gaelle D. France, Saint Maur des Fosses
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Wahoo ! It was amazing, a dream come true <3 Best crew ever. Nice, friendly and always smiling ! Food was amazing thank you Chico ! Chaco always available to help us !

Bruno Boissy saint leger France
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Alcyone experience unique avec attaque de requins et de dauphins surmun banc de big eyes jacq. Excellent.

Thierry Saint-Maur des Foss├ęs, France
© copyright by Becky Schott
Alcyone and dirty rock for the hammer head, big eye jack and occasional whale shark. Top staff.

Braun Jacques Paris, France
© copyright by Becky Schott
Fabuleuse diversite marine autour de l'ile du bout du monde. Un des rares endroits encore preserve sur terre.

Bateau spacieux, tres agreable. La silouette du bateau donne l'impression d'une expedition au bout du monde.

Fabulous marine diversity around the island at the end of the world. One of the rare places still preserved on earth.

Spacious boat, very pleasant. The silouette of the boat gives the impression of an expedition to the end of the world

Esnault Geneva, Switzerland
© copyright by Becky Schott
Seeing chasing dolphins among the jack fish was one of the greatest moment of the trip. Then, hammerhead sharks, mantas, black tip sharks, were obviously at the meeting. Everybody in the staff was so sweet, especially Chako, always ready to help. The laundry service is a good surprise, and helps a lot. The everyday cleaning room, was also appreciated. Food is good. Fresh fruits as a desert would be more appreciated than sweet cakes/desert or ice cream. Yoga class was a really good idea, although it was to early on the morning for us to participate.

Gwen Paris, France
© copyright by Becky Schott
Magic one on Alcione: dense bigeyesjack school, enormous school of hamerhead sharks and mobulas.. The one on alcione with the whaleshark was fantastic too!Food is great, staff is very nice...

Bertrand France
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Excellentes plongees. Equipage toujours disponibles. Paysages fantastiques .... Ile au bout du momde ... Jules Verne Excellente organisation. Equipe tres pro et conviviale. Excellent dives. Crew always available. Fantastic landscapes .... Island at the end of the world ... Jules Verne. Excellent organization. Very professional and friendly team

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