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Pete Zellner Douglas, Wyoming, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Outstanding diving Dirty Rock was an experience that makes Cococs a shark diving destination. All sites are a great dive. Wow! All the crew is focused on customer service and comfort and safety. Crew always delivered any and all requests. This crew is like the Sea Hunter the best of best.

Ruth Ann Zellner Douglas Wyoming, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
I throughly enjoyed my trip. This is an experience I could never had imaged. Dirty Rock was probably my favorite dive site. I have had no previous shark dives before so I found them to be incredible. My favorite was the Tiger Shark. The ship is very comfortable. The staff is outstanding always concerned about your needs and safety. The food was great. Liked the deck showers to clean and rinse off after dive.

Paul Griffith Denver, Colorado USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Carlos did and excellent orchestrating the whole trip, especially my graditude goes to Frederico who helped me throughtout my trip, especially when i converted to a larger tank...he was always watchful on how i was doing. I mentioned to Yosy how helpful he was and to give him a raise!!! Favorite dive sites were Punta Maria and Dirty Rock...loved seeing the Galapagos and Hammerheads

Rika Piercy Lafayette, Calfornia
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Favorite dive sites, Punta Maria, Dirtyrock, Alcyone. I like variety, Punta Maria had alot going on. Moray, Bait balls, Rays & variety of sharks ... Everything was great!

Markus (Lero) Lehr and Sandra Lehr Karlsruhe, Germany
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Up to now, the best staff i have had on a seahunter trip because they are working perfect together. Cruse director carlos is a perfect entertainer and makes a great job on this trip, even his video was sensational. I have seen many diveguides since 1995 on all my trips to cocos, but hernandito whith his 3 jears expirience diving in cocos wathers is the best guide i ever had here in cocos, konwig the divesites, curents very well an taking all time during the dive the right desicion and direction. I suggest it would be a good joice for sehunter company to keep this guy as long as possible! Same is my oppinion to our blue group skiff driver Olman. Knowing the currents from the surface perfectly, drives the skiff even in rough sea conditions very softly and had every time a smile on his face and a helping hand, Perfect! The kitchen chef, assistant and waiter presented very good food for all diffrent tastes, the variety of fruits after the dives is also perfect, the varity of the snacks after the dives was a littlr bit better the last time. ( more diffrent kind snacks) For Handling of the covid Situation from the crew and specialy carlos which checks the temperature of every guest every day, i found also perfect and felt very save on board the Seahunter!

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