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Sean Chinn Birmingham, England
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Dirty rock, manuelita outside and manuelita coral garden. Close hammerhead interactions and lots of hammerheads. Whale shark at coral garden. Galapagos sharks circling divers at dirty rock was incredible. Eagle rays and mating white tip reef sharks also. Incredible diving. Also loved the octopus at Alcyone and frogfish at Pajara. Saw hammerheads on pretty much every dive including the check out dive.

Overall experience on the ship: All incredible. Friendly attentive staff throughout. Enjoyed the entertainment and the food was fresh and delicious everytime.

Randall SJO, Costa Rica
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The galapagos sharks in particular but all the marine life were amazing. We also were in the water with a big group of dolphins that were particularly playful. Just amazing. It was my first time in a live aboard and can't believe how good the service is.

Linda McKean Bellbrook, Ohio USA
© copyright by Sean China @greatwhitesean
The diversity and amount of marine life exceeded my expectations. The shark action was spectacular; mating white tips, hundreds of hammerheads schooling and getting cleaned, Galapagos sharks schooling at Dirty Rock. Cocos has been on my bucket list for years and did not disappoint.

Ship and crew were one of the best liveaboard experiences I've had. Highly recommended.

Kathryn Folk Villa Hills, KY
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The quantity and variety of marine life was truly incredible. The huge schools of jacks, snappers, etc, were fantastic. There were some things, such as Galapagos sharks swimming around us and finding a mating white tip shark pair, that are beyond compare. The abundance of life on the reefs and in the blue made this trip unforgettable.

The ship's crew could not have been more accomodating. They were always happy, and also happy to help in any way. The food was great and I have to compliment the kitchen staff especially. The ship is amazingly clean and kept that way.

Savita & Viral Joshi Oakland, CA, USA
© copyright by Sean China @greatwhitesean
The diving was amazing! The dive masters took us to greate sites where we saw so much varied marine life. It was incredible to see so many sharks (hammarheads, white tip, black tip, and galapagos). There were also amazing huge schools of jacks and other fish to swim through. The amount of life in cocos is very special.

The ship and staff were completely amazing. The ship was comfortable, the food was amazing, and all of the staff were warm and extremely helpful. There was never a time that we didn't have what we needed. The staff made the experience wonderful.

Kabir Teja NYC, USA
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Cocos is a very special place for me. It was my first time going with Undersea Hunter and I was really blown away by the quality of the entire crew, safety protocols and entire operation. By far the most safety concious and well run operation I have been with for this type of diving. Of course we love hammerheads on every dive, circling Galapagos sharks and mating white tips! Dirty rock and Manuelita take the cake for this trip.

Truely no negative/constructive feedback; the crew is always looking to improve the guest experience and their own protocols. I was extremely impressed and will be back.

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