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Sophia Satow Scottsdale Arizona USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
All of the dives were INCREDIBLE, this is the best dive experience that I have ever had. I don't think that any other dive trip will ever compare. My favorite part was the dolphins, they actually swam right up to us and came up very close! This was amazing! The staff was amazing, they were very helpful and our group will always think of them as a family from Cocos!

Kyle Murphy Scottsdale Arizona USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
My favorite dives were submerged rock, alcyone, and Manluita Channel. I saw many sharks, eels and fish that were the highlight of my trip. The staff was over the top amazing. Everyone was extremely nice and supportive throughout the entire trip. I really enjoyed talking to my dive master fernando, carlos amd the captian who was our skiff driver.

Stephen and Drew Kovach Gilbert, Arizona, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
The hammerheads and Galapogos sharks were amazing to see. There was so much sea life on every dive we went on. When there wasnt schooling hammerheads, there were huge schools of Jacks. We really enjoyed getting to see all thats is in the sea around Cocos. Our dive masters Carlos and Diego were very good, we had fun getting to know them. It's going to be hard to find any other dive location that will compare to Cocos!

The food was great at every meal and Chako took very good care of us. We were very impressed with the safety procedures and upkeep of the Argo. We had a great experience!

The Gleasons Rio Verde, Arizona. USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
We saw schooling hammerheads of at least 200 sharks in one dive. We saw 3 octopus in one dive! Numerous eels and rays. Lots of mobula rays and marbled rays. We were swimming with several schools of fish. Our son saw a sea horse. The abundance of sea life was fantastic! I have an allergy and the chef accomodated it beautifully. The staff was attentive but also let us talk to our friends and enjoy time together

Christine Kovach USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Alcyone dive spot was full of hammerheads. All of the dive sites had unique qualities. We saw galapagos sharks, white tip, black tip,silky, tiger (one). I would recomend it. The food was delicious and the presentation beautiful. Our cabin (8) was well equipped with storage and counter space (no hanging space for hangers but there are two hooks and one towel bar). The bathroom included hand pump soap, bar soap, shampoo and air freshener spray, kleenex and toilet paper. Lots of storage under our sink too. Clean towels daily and a dry dive towel after each dive. The locker assigned to you (you sit on the lid) has hanging space behind for wetsuits and the locker does get wet inside. There are cubbies for cameras and dive computers that stayed dry (I threw my suit coverup in there too) Although in a strong storm it might get a little wet. The upper sun deck is mostly covered but there are areas of sun (we had a lot of rain) and a few in our group got sun burned on cloudy days. In the living room they have snacks of crackers, nuts, chocolate, chips and lots of soda and beer. The crew is on top of everything - don't be afraid to ask. I wore a 7 mm wetsuit and sometimes a skin underneath. Most people wore 5 mm or 3 mm and a shorty or vest. By day 5 some people were feeling chilled. We had water temps Between 80 F to 71 F. I get easily chilled so my 7 mm (neosport xspan- very moveable and supble) was perfect. My daughter wore a 5 mm my son wore a 3 mm and vest and dive sorts. There are dunk tanks for cameras and computers only. There are two outside showers and spray hoses for your wetsuits etc. Your BC stays on the Skiffs all the time. Plan to be in the water 50 minutes. There were a few spots with really strong current but we always felt safe. Every dive was a negative decent - no lingering on the surface. They take your suitcases away once youre unpacked and put them in storage so they are out of your room but not easy to get to so dont leave items you might need - same goes for your dive bags. Unpack completely. For your clothes the packing cubes worked great. The passage to Cocos was a little rough and a few in our group got sick. Be prepared with medicines or patches.

Mark Thomas Scottsdale, AZ. USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
We came to Cocos Island to see Sharks. Thats what we kept telling ourselves. I had an image in my mind of what that was, but reality way exceeded even my most vivid imagination. Of course the classic image of seeing hundreds of Hammerheads is amazing to witness in real life - the image is seared into my memory, but everything about it is surreal. Sharks, huge schools of Jacks, Eels, Octopus, Lobster, Rays - its all here. At times it was almost overwhelming - hard to decide what to focus on. Favorite Dive sites include Alcyone and Dirty Rock. Very different sites but each incredible in their own way.

Overall this is probably the hardest working crew I've seen on a Dive Boat. They made it easy for us; in some cases anticipating our needs and being right there when we needed something. We had a pretty diverse group of Divers - some very experienced - a few with less than a year experience. Our Divemasters were stellar and managed through the diversity with ease and more importantly everyone felt safe. This crew somehow managed to cater to all the different needs which is not an easy feat.

Ben Harbort Scottsdale AS USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
The cleaning stations were always amazing along with some of the 3rd dives that allowed you to see the small stuff. All was amazing and everything we needed we got

Richard Kovach Scottsdale, Arizona. USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Fabulous- I have been on 7 other liveaboards around the world and without a doubt this diving experience, the incredible crew a the dive vessel were absolutely the best I have ever been on. Thanks Sea Hunter- we'll be back!!! Top rated, the best!!!

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